Saturday, March 15, 2008

Advertising Coop Announced
One way we show appreciation for our hosting clients is through If you are not listed, let us know! This powerful search engine is advertised daily on 20+ radio stations in NE, MT, ND, SD, KS, CO and NM. The website has been recently overhauled and is getting a mass of searches everyday! We are trying to encourage our clients to do business with others within this cooperative.

Know Your Domain Registrar

Your Registrar is where you bought your domain name from. It doesn't matter so much who you bought it from, but you need to know who it is for your protection. There are several companies out there that will send you notices warning you of your domain expiration. They are attempting to trick you into switching your registration over to them. Do pay attention to notices from your actual Registrar and if you are not sure who that is, CALL us before it's too late! We handle 95% of our clients' domains. This mistake could jeopardize your website.

Search Engine Rankings

Everyone wants to have their website on the first page of the major search engines but only a handful ever achieve this kind of success. There are a slew of factors that determine your position at any given moment in time and each search engine has their own formula (or algorithm) that determines just where you show up. Furthermore, these algorithms are highly protected and are hidden from the public. We have provided a list of the most common factors below;
  • Website Title (Meta Tag)
  • Website Description (Meta Tag)
  • Website Keywords (Meta Tag)
  • Domain Name
  • Text on your pages
  • Link Popularity
  • Last Time Updated
  • Longevity of Listing
If you would like to know more of the details on each of these factors and how we might be able to improve your search engine rankings, please contact us. Our goal is to help those who take their website serious enough to ask for help!

Our Easy-Update Technology

IMPORTANT NOTICE Regarding Our Easy-Update Technology
The number one feature that has set us apart from much of the competition has been our Easy-Update Technology. We developed this technology from the ground up back in 2001 and been improving on it ever since. This technology is what gives our clients the ability to easily update certain elements of their website instantly. Our website clients who have updateability and are hosting with us are given access to our Easy-Update Technology through a simple Control Panel Login. Each client wishing to have updateability suggests to us what pages or features on their website that they want control over and we custom build their website to work with our Easy-Update Technology. As long as our clients are hosting with us, they have access to this updateability. The source code behind the Easy-Update Technology belongs to, and remains property of, Hale Multimedia unless other special arrangements are made. All content, databases and website files are property of the website client. If a client chooses to host their website elsewhere, we will remove our footer tags and any other proprietary code and burn the clients' files onto a cd-rom. There is a one time $80 charge for this service. The request for transfer must be in writing and sent directly to Hale Multimedia. For your protection, we do not honor requests from other website providers, so please contact us directly if you wish to transfer your hosting.

Merger with Hale Broadcasting

In order to accomplish our goal of focusing on promotion, we have partnered more closely with Hale Broadcasting to concentrate on the marketing and advertising side of things. Brian and his dad Howard have been working closely together since 1999, but this new merger places a much higher priority on taking care of our customers' websites and our own websites. Hale Multimedia LLC is the new company formed from this merger. We will continue to produce dynamic, professional Easy-Update Websites like we always have, just with a much clearer focus on quality vs. quantity.

You will also catch Brian Hale doing the Local News, National News and Christian News every weekday on KCMI FM 96.9 or online anytime at This is just one of the Hale's ministries that they love helping with. For more information about the Hales, visit, or check out their Christian Bookstore at

Thursday, March 13, 2008

History of Hale Multimedia

Hale Multimedia started out as a website promotions company back in 1996 at Ft. Sill (Lawton, Oklahoma) under the name of World Wide Web Directories. Founder Brian Hale had the vision 12 years ago (2 years before Google even existed) that there was a great need to create an internet directory to help people find websites more easily. Brian created a search engine called 1 Best Directory ( and a printed publication called The Internet Gold Pages to help those who don't like sifting through the millions of results you get when you search for something. Unfortunately, in 1996 the focus on promotions was a little ahead of it's time since only about 1 in 10 local businesses even had a website and many of those were not happy enough with their website to want to promote it.

Therefore, as Brian went around talking to businesses about promotions, most of them ending up asking if he could design or redesign their website for them first. The promotions idea was a great one, but the need for better websites couldn't be ignored.

After a year long self-taught crash course in html, Brian officially started producing commercial website in late 1997. After two years of experience in website design in Oklahoma and lots of research on the Western Nebraska area, he found the need was just as great there. Therefore, in July of 1999 Brian moved back to Nebraska to serve his hometown community with his new found skills. Brian's dad, Howard Hale, owns and operates a radio broadcasting company called Hale Broadcasting where he produces 3 different daily radio programs that get played on 20+ radio stations in seven states. Prior to Brian moving home, Howard's programs were delivered to the radio stations via a pre-recorded telephone bank where the stations would call in and re-record the broadcasts. This process was cumbersome compared to what we knew we could do with the internet. Therefore, Howard and Brian worked closely together to deliver the broadcasts in a much higher quality and easier to use streaming mp3 format.

Where we are NOT going...
Hale Multimedia has experienced steady growth from just a handful of customers in 1999 to the thousands of webpages that we have out there today. We have seen many other website companies and individuals come and go over the years. God has blessed with an attitude of NEVER QUITTING despite the many challenges we have faced in this constantly evolving business. So, let's squash one rumor that's floating out there right now... HALE MULTIMEDIA IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE, especially not out of business!

Where we ARE going... (Quality of Service vs. Quantity of Websites)
Now that the ratio of businesses with adequate websites has hit an all time high, the time has come to shift our focus away from mass production back to where we started... website promotions! We will continue to develop new websites, but our primary focus will be on quality of service vs. quantity of websites. We've done a great job of marketing our own business as we now have website clients in 20 U.S. States, Peru and Africa. However, we feel like we could be doing a better job promoting our clients websites so that their website becomes a more profitable investment. We have created some great avenues for promoting our customers' websites like and amongst others. However, when our focus was formerly on mass production, we failed to properly develop these valuable promotional outlets. Therefore, we have recently re-designed both of these to do a better job promoting our clients' websites. Check them out and do a search for your business. If you are not listed yet, let us know!