Saturday, February 1, 2014

Security Alert! Yahoo, Target, Neiman Marcus, Michael's... the list continues to grow

We HIGHLY recommend that everyone using Yahoo Mail should change their password immediately.  A news reports claims that over 200,000,000 (200 Million) user accounts have been hacked.  Your personal identity, passwords, email and contacts are all at risk.  Yahoo is just the latest in the ever-growing list of companies that have been compromised.

Change your passwords often and DO NOT use the same password for everything!  This is the absolute most common and worst mistake we hear about. 

If these companies that are getting hacked don't figure out how to secure their customers personal information, then I believe the public will no longer trust them. 

Also, if you have a Smart Phone, DO NOT leave it unlocked.  Add a pattern swipe, passcode or something that will slow down a hacker and BE SURE to figure out how you can wipe your phone from a remote location in case it is lost or stolen! I personally had an iPad stolen after owning it only one week, and boy was I glad that Apple had a way for me to trace it and wipe it.  I know who stole it.  They have him on camera at the YMCA in Scottsbluff, Nebraska.  However, the Police Department and the management were unwilling to help me recover it in a timely manner.  My only recourse was to wipe it and kiss my $500 goodbye.  I know that God will be the judge of him, so I am just glad that it could be wiped.

We are not a security company, but I am willing to help anyone with figuring out how to best protect themselves from the ruthless thief that is just waiting for you to make a mistake and leave your property unprotected.