Monday, December 31, 2012

What's an 'app'?

You may have heard the saying, 'there's an app for that' and it's true, there are millions of 'apps' created for all kinds of reasons.  So, before we go any further, what's an 'app'?

Before I could explain to my customers how valuable it might be to have an app, I knew it would necessary to answer this basic question. So, what's an 'app'?

Here are a couple responses to this elusive question...

Sean Brandt, owner of a website design firm in Lincoln, Nebraska wrote, "Custom software developed and branded to meet the needs and wants of an organization's audience. A mobile site utilizes a browser on your mobile phone and it usually functions like your main website in design and content usually built by a web designer. A mobile app is a stand alone application on a mobile phone that has it's own graphical user interface fulfilling a specific niche pertaining to your organization that is built by an app developer."

Adam Bauer, Marketing Director for Zips Trucks in Iowa replied, "A mobile website is an optimized version of a main website (streamlined, simplified and sized appropriately for smaller screens).  Advantages: easier to find (search engines) and share; less expensive; easier to update; compatible across many devices..
A mobile app is an application that is downloaded and installed on a mobile device.
Advantages: can work offline; can utilize native functionality (camera, SMS, GPS,...); higher performance (good for interactivity or gaming); personalization (updating personal data regularly, Evernote).

I enjoyed the simplicity of Jeremiah Eli Schweitzer's answer when he wrote, "Something that makes something else easier."

In fact, it was this definition that helped me to realize that I have been building 'apps' or as we call them, 'modules' or 'snippets of code' that have been helping make things easier on the web since 1998 and conventional computers as far back as 1978.  

By this definition, 'apps' are nothing new.  It's the delivery of information that has been under constant evolution - from the invention of the printing press hundreds of years ago to Radio to TV to the amazing tool we all know as the 'Internet'.  The Internet has placed the world's largest library at our fingertips, but without an actual vehicle to deliver the information, it's virtually useless.  

The first vehicle to deliver information over the internet came in the form of large main frame computers.  Eventually PC's, or personal computers found their way into homes and the public began getting news and other information delivered directly to their desktop, as Dr. John Naisbitt predicted in his book Megatrends, nearly 30 years ago.  Websites carried the load to our PC's for many years, and will continue to do so while apps can be thought of as the driving force behind mobile content delivery.

Now, literally thousands of different mobile devices can be easily purchased and eventually nearly everyone will have a mobile device of some sort.  Since Apps are the programs (software) that run these devices, they can easily be seen as the engine that is driving mobile content delivery to new heights. 

In summary, here are a few of the benefits of having an app designed for your business or organization;
  • Apps deliver content to mobile devices more efficiently than a web browser.
  • Apps generally load quicker than websites, or even mobile websites.
  • Apps can be easily custom designed and updated quickly, even more easily than a website.
  • Apps are highly interactive and can pull from other native apps (GPS, Camera, etc)
  • Apps make it possible to connect via all social media sites in one place.
  • Apps are downloaded to your device, enabling access to content when a connection is not available.
  • App developers must pay a fee, creating a natural filtering process of designers.

There are several other specific benefits unique to various industries that are too numerous to mention here, but we would be happy to visit with anyone interested in exploring the possibilities.

Please give us a call toll free 1 800 783-1103, txt 940 224-6315 or email if you would like a free quote on the production of your next app!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

American Gelbvieh Association goes mobile!

Hale Multimedia LLC is very pleased to announce that the American Gelbvieh Association has hired us to create, develop and release a new mobile app to be launched in January 2013.  The app will be Free and compatible with 2200+ devices including the iPhone, iPad and Android. 

"We are very excited about the new app, especially since the association also shares in the anticipation of the project.  The association's website is very good, in our opinion.  It's well thought out and easy to navigate.  The information is there and it appears to be up to date.  We have seen many association websites and we believe that Jennifer did an excellent job on this one.

We believe that we can take the positive of what is already there and make it available to anyone with a smart phone or similar device.  This expands the reach of the American Gelbvieh Association beyond anything they've had before.

We love our cattlemen and women.  We want to work directly with them to make this the most useful application in their business." - Brian Hale, Developer

The new Gelbvieh Association App will be available for download through Apple's App Store (through iTunes) and the Android market, Google Play, as well as other less-known 'app' stores, and through the association's website ( from your mobile device.

We are passionate about helping our friends who work hard to feed the world every day.

Hale Multimedia is;

Howard Hale; NAFB Farm Broadcaster of several syndicated radio programs and livestock producer
Brian Hale; U.S. Army veteran computer programmer, Farm Broadcaster, Website and App Developer
Andi Hale; Graphics Designer, Website Designer, Computer Programmer, Children's Youth Leader
Nia Hale; Senior Vice President of Research and Marketing at Hale Multimedia LLC

Monday, November 26, 2012

App Development announced...

We'll see how long it takes for this to catch fire.  Many of you have been asking us for custom downloadable apps that can be made available through the iTunes and Google Play Markets.  Great news!  We are fully capable of creating any type of app imaginable (that does not contradict our values and mission at Hale Multimedia). 

We have already created two excellent apps, one for AgMarketOnline (our Ag Directory and Marketing Tool) and one for the Horseman's Corner radio program by Howard Hale.  This free app allows users to listen to any of the daily or weekend Horseman's Corner shows featuring some of the greatest minds in the horse world.  The app also allows users to post their horses for sale either in the Classified Ads section for only $5 per horse for two months or in the more elaborate Horses For Sale section for $35 per horse for six months of advertising.

We are quite excited about all the possibilities and are looking forward to working with our clients to build practical, effective apps for less than 1/2 of what the average going rate is.  Sure, anyone can build a free app themselves and that is a great option for some folks.  If that is you, then do it and let us help you promote it!  If you do not want to learn how to build apps, then we can do it for you.  Call us toll free 800 783-1103 or send us an email at

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Parable of Four Patriots

Once there were four patriots who lived side by side. Their names were Fred Somebody, Thomas Everybody, Pete Anybody and Joe Nobody. They were not like you and me. They were very odd people indeed and it was hard to understand them. The way they cared about their Liberty and Freedoms was a shame and Everybody knew it.

It seems that Everybody was too busy with work to be concerned about the government. Somebody was usually busy following major league and college sports. Anybody was busily involved with watching reality TV and his recreational activities and just couldn't be bothered. So, Nobody got involved.

Throughout the nation people were needed to work on the issues of Liberty and Freedom. Everybody thought that Anybody would have the time but Somebody wouldn't do it. So guess who finally did it? That's right Nobody!

There was an important meeting to attend because an unpopular [City, County, State or National] issue was on the agenda. Everybody knew it was his responsibility to attend and Anybody knew that Somebody would go but Nobody went. Somebody got angry afterwards because it was Everybody's responsibility to attend, and Everybody got angry because Anybody didn't go when the unpopular issued passed. Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody attended the meeting that Anybody could attend.

It seemed like Nobody was the only true Patriot among the four. Nobody followed the issues. Nobody emailed and wrote his Legislators, Representatives and Senators. Nobody supported the Veterans. Nobody was involved with organizations that supported God - Family - Country. Nobody got out to vote for every election. In fact, everything important to the cause of Liberty and the preservation of our Constitutional Republic - Nobody did it.

All four of these bodies belonged to the same civic-minded organization and political party. Everybody stayed home from the meetings and rallies. Anybody didn't go to the Caucasus and Conventions because he just knew that there wasn't Somebody there to be friendly and speak to just Anybody. So Nobody supported the efforts of the organization, the party and its candidates.

It really wasn't a very pleasant place to live as the Liberty and Freedom they had inherited from their Founding Fathers and ancestors deteriorated throughout their nation. I sure don't think that you would enjoy living under the evolving Socialist government. There was a time when Everybody supported the Constitution and the God given unalienable rights of man to Life, Liberty and Property. But, Somebody wanted power over We the People. Anybody could see the loss of individual Freedoms and States Rights guaranteed by our Bill of Rights which was Everybody's responsibility to protect. But, Nobody was concerned enough to be involved in Liberty's preservation and Freedom was lost.

Now it came to pass that the most important election in the history of the nation was upon them. Everybody knew they needed to be involved and to vote but Somebody thought that his involvement didn't matter and his vote didn't count. Anybody should have been involved and voted but they thought Somebody would. Somebody didn't! So who saved our Constitutional Republic? Oh! You're ahead of me - Nobody!

So now, my fellow Patriots, it is apparent what needs to be done. Let's get Everybody involved in the preservation of Liberty and our Constitutional Republic. Anybody can choose to do something in Somebody's organization so that Nobody is excluded. It is only when Everybody is involved and votes that we can with a firm reliance on the Divine Providence hope to "secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity."

"If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land." [2 Chronicles 7:14]

May God Bless and Save the United States of America
Our Constitutional Republic !

Note: The preceding adapted from the original by Rev. Willis Clark, Jr.

William J. Dell - 1 May 2012
Amore Dei, Familiae, Patriae ducit !

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hale Multimedia Open for Business

Greetings everyone and thanks for reading about what's going on in the world with Hale Multimedia.   I've been doing a lot of writing lately, but it's been for a local newspaper and website here in Western Nebraska. Check it out at or for the mobile version.

Life is pretty exciting as we are getting settled into our new office environment inside the Gering Citizen Newspaper.  It's really funny how people start talking about us when they don't even know what's going on.  Every time a business moves, it seems like people want to spread rumors and lies about the situation.  We simply moved back to our hometown of Gering where the traffic down broadway goes the speed limit most of the time.  In Scottsbluff, people would FLY past our office at 21st and Broadway going 45-50 miles an hour.  You know the intersection... the last downtown stoplight going north... as soon as they hit 20th Street, it's major acceleration time.  Traffic in downtown Scottsbluff is out of control north of 20th.

We are enjoying our working relationship with Gering Citizen.  I am laying out pages, reporting on local games and other events, acting as ag editor and developing and maintaining the websites, while Andi is working in the creative design department for our advertisers.

Hale Multimedia is fully operational, however, with our new duties, we are open for Hale Multimedia business on Wednesday - Saturday by appointment.  Mondays and Tuesday are reserved for the newspaper.  We publish the Valley's biggest weekly newspaper on those two days with the paper hitting the streets Wednesday afternoon and in people's mail boxes Thursday (or whenever their mail comes).

Please let everyone you know that we have moved to 1447 10th Street in Gering and that we are as busy as ever.  In fact, Hale Multimedia enjoyed it's best year ever and we are looking forward to another fantastic year.

My next blog post will include several of the exciting new website projects that we have launched recently, so stay tuned!

~ Brian Hale