Friday, August 26, 2011

Website Production Update

Big things are happening at Hale Multimedia.  We have launched several great projects over the summer.  Welcome aboard to our newest website customers: Black Gold Energy Transport ( and A Summer Afternoon (

We built a site for our local Never Forget! a 10th Anniversary Rememberance of 9-11 to create excitement and anticipation as well as gather volunteers for the big event.

Our full custom IDX integration is a great improvement on the way our customers real estate listings are found.  Check out Century 21 Home Team ( and Premier Properties ( for their new look and easy search capabilities.

We are very excited about our newest programming successes.  Tempur-Pedic by Waterbed Showcase can now create and manipulate invoices on their phone or ipad and print it out for the customer all while they are on the sales floor. 

The Ultimate Student Nurse Survival Guide is a full education site integrating textbook style articles, some including video; resources, interactive group forum and full testing module all behind a paid member login.

We are also building mobile sites.  Our shining example is Gering Citizen's mobile site at which loads quickly on your Blackberry, iPhone, Droid or iPad.

Watch for our newest releases @, Facebook, our blog or follow us on Twitter.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dowtown Scottsbluff Nebraska

We are happy to announce that we have been developing a fresh new website created specifically for Downtown Scottsbluff that is due to launch this Fall.

Our newest Website Designer, Kat Van Hoosear, has been working diligently on creating some really great looking free websites that will be featured on this new Downtown Scottsbluff website!  We are not charging a dime for all these new websites but we are offering the opportunity to become a FEATURED Downtown Business for only $50 per year.  Featured Businesses will be allowed to update their free website anytime they want in order to advertise any specials or sales.  Also, like the rest of our websites, each individual business will be able to see exactly how many times their business is found PLUS how many times their store is visited!  (All businesses will have open access to the statistics, not just the featured ones)

The Downtown Scottsbluff website will feature a Fine Arts District as well as Shopping, Eating and Entertainment to name just a few of the categories you'll find on this easy to use website directory.  This interactive website will also include a section called BluffTalk - aimed at becoming the Social Hub for everything 'Bluffs'.  We will have links and even some live feeds from local facebook groups and individuals, twitter feeds, blogs and lots of photos just to name a few of the exciting features that are on tap.

Follow this blog and receive updates as soon as they are published.

Watch for our new Downtown Scottsbluff website coming to a flatscreen near you!

Custom Real Estate Websites

Did you know?...  Over 80% of all home buyers begin their fact-finding using an MLS or IDX property search on a real estate website. 

Those involved in Real Estate must certainly be aware of the rapidly changing environment around them.  The  buying and selling processes have completely evolved due to the increased use of computers and handheld devices.  Those brokers and agents that are embracing and utilizing the new technology seem to be thriving and loving their jobs.  The flip side is predictably true as well... those determined to resist change seem to be grumpy and not happy with much of anything.  Could just be my observation, but there is a lot of truth to it.

We are embracing and even developing new technologies almost on a daily basis at Hale Multimedia.  1) because things change that fast and 2) it's our job to stay on top of things.

One of our most recent developments was the creation of our Real Estate Marketing Division to be spearheaded by Mr. Robert Jones of Gering.  Robert brings years of direct sales and customer service skills to the company and is a welcome addition to the family at Hale Multimedia.  His office is located in Suite 5 of 2013 Broadway in Scottsbluff.

Our Custom Real Estate Website Division focuses on assisting Real Estate Agents and Brokers with Full Custom IDX Integration.  Most Agencies subscribe to, or utilize the MLS system through IDX but are only given the generic 'smart framing' instructions.  This free, cookie cutter method offers very little customization and ends up being the norm on most real estate websites.  We agree that it's very frustrating to both buyers and sellers.  If you want true IDX Customization, then you must either learn to integrate it yourself or hire a professional website design and programming firm (preferably ours).

"To have an effective website, your property listings must be easy to find and your search easy to use."

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