Monday, March 30, 2009

All New Control Panel

As many of you have probably already noticed, your Control Panel looks quite a bit different now. We created a new look but kept all the best features.

You can now update your Account Information, Description and Keywords right from the first page. You can also send us a Support Request from there as well now. Other sections that were improved or fixed were the Website Statistics and View/Pay Bill Online and there are now buttons to our Blog and Newsletters.

Not everyone has updateable pages on their website, so for some of you, that button (Update My Website) will not work.

If you would like more updateability on your website, please contact us!

Auto Thumbnailer

One thing that will slow down a website is photos that are too large. We have always encouraged our clients to optimize their photos before uploading and many of you have done a great job with this.

However, to make it easier for our clients we developed an Automatic Thumbnailer function that can be built into your Control Panel. Instead of having to resize every photo and/or upload an additional thumbnail, we have a simple upgrade that will take care of all that for you on the fly. All you have to do is upload your original photo and the computer will do the rest. This will GREATLY decrease your website's load time and save yourself a bunch of time and possible headaches.

This upgrade to your photo uploader takes about an hour to install and would therefore cost $75. (one-time fee added to your next statement)

If anyone is interested, simply contact us!

Auction-Corner now FREE!

We recently improved several different things on and re-released the newest design this month. One of the coolest changes was the fact that the owner decided to make it 100% FREE. No Listing Fees, No Selling Fees, No Fees period.

Other major improvements include the addition of a For Sale Items section as well as a Wanted Items section that allows you to tell others exactly what you are looking for.

The owner has told us that the site will probably remain free through 2009, so this would be the very best time to get registered and start posting items.

New Design Releases

Here are a few of our newest design releases;

Gering Zion Church
Gering, Nebraska

The Rock Pile
Scottsbluff, Nebraska

Vicki Begley Realtor
Scottsbluff, Nebraska

To learn more about these clients, visit