Friday, May 16, 2008

Fuel Price Locator

For this month's featured resource we have selected a nifty website that tracks gas prices around the country.

Just enter your zip code in the site below and it tells you which gas stations have the cheapest prices (and the highest) on gas in your zip code area. It's brought to you by MSN and is updated quite frequently.

Thanks to Steve at Crystal Clean Carpet Care for sharing this handy resource with us!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The War Against SPAM

I HATE SPAM. Let me repeat that... I HATE SPAM! Doesn't everybody? Unfortunately, there are countless idiots out there that are somehow profiting from people's inability to filter and therefore ignore these 'incredible offers'.

Hale Multimedia has a strict ANTI-SPAM Policy that guarantees our clients and the rest of the world that we never have, and never will, participate in such a huge waste of time. Spammers are so sneaky and deceitful that they will even steal legitimate email addresses from me and you and disguise their junk mail as if it were coming from you or me! Please keep that in mind if you receive SPAM that supposedly came from us, 'cause it DID NOT come from us. We will NEVER stoop to the level of mass email marketing with SPAM!! Arggh, did I mention I HATE SPAM?

We have installed SpamAssassin, a leading Server Based application that MARKS any suspected email with ***SPAM*** in the subject line so that you can set up a simple filter to re-route these emails to your Trash Can or Deleted Items automatically. If you need help setting up your email filters, please submit a Support Request through and we will give you the proper steps depending on which email program you are using.

Email Tips on Forwarding

Almost all E-mails that ask you to add your name and forward on to others are similar to that mass letter years ago that asked people to send business cards to the little kid in Florida who wanted to break the Guinness Book of Records for the most cards. This is a great way to get names and "cookie" tracking information for telemarketers and spammers - to validate active E-mail accounts for their own purposes. The host sender is getting a copy each time it gets forwarded and then is able to get lists of "active" E-mails to use in SPAM E-mails, or sell to others that do. Avoid the temptation of forwarding any unnecessary email.

You can do your friends and family members a GREAT favor by sending this information to them; you will be providing a service to your friends and will be rewarded by not getting thousands of spam E-mails in the future! Also, please keep in mind that E-mail petitions are NOT acceptable in Congress or any other organization. To be acceptable, petitions must have an actual signature and full address of the person signing the petition.

Read the full story here...

Our Newest Website Clients

One of the most interesting parts of our business is that we get the opportunity to work with a diverse range of businesses. Every month we get to learn about something new! This month we learned about Skateboarding, Infrared Heat and Sleep Medicine (among other things)... I guess it goes very well with our slogan, 'Expand Your World'.

For the past several months we have been doing our best to help our clients by including helpful articles in our newsletters, leaving little room for a section we used to include that highlighted our most recent website clients. We have decided to bring it back this month and we will try to fit it in each month on an ongoing basis.

Meanwhile, we have a lot of catching up to do... The following list of companies represents our newest clients from the latter part of 2007 to the present. A few of those listed below are recent redesigns done for existing clients.

We would like to welcome the following clients to our growing Website Portfolio...

  • 5 Star Ranch Event Center, Lyman, NE
  • BoardSlide T-Shirts, Mitchell, NE
  • Broadway Office Supply, Scottsbluff, NE
  • Broken Arrow Angus, Harrison, NE
  • Burnett Farm & Ranch, Cheyenne, WY
  • Custom Programming Unlimited, Gering, NE
  • Dan D Party Corner, Cheyenne, WY
  • Dennis Cattle Company, Grady, OK
  • Denny & Associates, Cheyenne, WY
  • Front Range Structures, Ft. Collins, CO
  • Hope Basketball Academy, Chad, Central Africa
  • JBC Oil Inc, Scottsbluff, NE
  • Just Dandy Clothing Store, Cheyenne, WY
  • KidzArk Ministry, Sterling, CO
  • Mitchell Organized Baseball, Mitchell, NE
  • Mothers of Preschoolers, Scottsbluff, NE
  • Nebraska Boer Goats, Scottsbluff, NE
  • Rosenau Enterprises, Lemmon, SD
  • Steve's Drum Shop, Scottsbluff, NE
  • Tadz Online, Bayard, NE
  • Valley Insurance Services, Gering, NE
  • Western Insurance Services, Ft. Collins, CO
  • Western Nebraska Regional Airport, Scottsbluff, NE
  • Western Plains Business Solutions, Scottsbluff, NE
  • Western Sleep Medicine, Scottsbluff, NE
  • Whitney's Infrared Heaters, Scottsbluff, NE
To visit their websites, go to and click on the Portfolio tab or you can visit If the client cannot be found in our porfolio, that probably means that their website is in production and not publicly launched.

Customer Support Upgrades

Since we decided to STOP hiring Customer Service Reps and handle it ourselves, we have made a number of major improvements in the area of Customer Support. Our average turnaround time for requests that are properly logged has dropped significantly! Just from the time that we got rid of the non-performing employees and shut down the Gering Office on Jan 15th, we have already developed our own Project Management Software! In fact, we have built a new tracking system that automatically adds your Support Request into our Project Manager as long as you submit your request through our website at

Just look for the Support Request Button on the top right of nearly every page. We also manually add requests that come via email and phone, but the best way to get your request noticed is to make any requests for support through our website from now on.