Friday, August 15, 2008

Website Client Toolbar

We came up with another customer service improvement again this month. Have you ever forgotten how to login to your Control Panel to update your website? There are so many different places to login nowadays! We decided it was time to build our own easy-to-install, guaranteed virus and spyware free website client toolbar to make your life easier. There are plenty of free toolbars available from companies like Google, Yahoo, MSN and others. However, I worry about spyware and other forced advertising, plus they all seem to include a bunch of stuff I never use. We have built a toolbar that includes Customer Support and Control Panel Login buttons as well as links to all our major websites and other helpful resources. It even includes a nifty radio station player that allows you to listen to any of our radio programs instantly or you can customize it with your own favorite streaming stations. It also displays your current local temp and of course gives you a search bar. All of this plus more is included in this free download available at

Jeremiah House Ministry

As the previous article on KCMI stated, Brian is no longer working with the station in any way now. God is obviously calling us in a different direction as Brian was recently named Director of The Jeremiah House Children's Ministry in Scottsbluff, NE which he has served with since 1999. It's just another instance of God's awesome timing when it comes to opening new doors when one closes!

The Jeremiah House is a ministry in which Brian has been serving for almost 10 years now and is located in the same neighborhood in which he grew up. Brian and his little sister were living on 9th Street when they were taken in in 1974 and eventually adopted by the Hales in late 1976. Since Brian joined the military and travelled the world, all to end up serving back in the same neighborhood he feels that God has brought him full circle for His purpose.

The Jeremiah House is a Children's ministry of Bethel Baptis Church in Scottsbluff who's goal is to share the hope and love Jesus Christ with the children and their families. We have over 30 volunteers from several churches and bible colleges and a typical Tuesday evening brings around 30 children for a hot meal, bible study, singing and activities from 5:30 - 7:00 pm at our ministry center at the corners of 12th Street and 12th Avenue across from Overland Park.

For more information about the Jeremiah House including how to volunteer, please visit our website at

KCMI Radio Update

Some of our local area Nebraska and Wyoming customers may have noticed that Brian is not doing Local, National or Christian News for KCMI FM 96.9 anymore. The new management at the station decided to eliminate local news and go with an outfit out of Washington for their other news. Brian had been providing news to the station at no charge since February of 2007. We have been repeatedly frustrated with their new management and had already decided to ask them to find someone else to host and maintain their website when they called with that same suggestion. Therefore, as of this month we will no longer be working with KCMI. We will, of course, continue to work with the other 28 radio stations in our 8 State Network and are currently negotiating with several more Nebraska stations to join the network in the very near future.

We all felt that is was mutually beneficial to go a different direction and we pray that our little local radio station will someday again be strong and successful.

Clickthrough Statistics is a rapidly growing website that is advertised on our radio network of 20+ great radio stations in NE, CO, MT, ND, SD, KS and NM and is getting hundreds of unique visitors every day. What's even better is the fact that those who are visiting are clicking through to our customer's websites at a rate that is higher than the global average by several times! Some of our clients are getting clickthrough ratios in the double digits. Your clickthrough ratio or CTR is calculated by dividing clickthroughs by your total exposures. Google, Yahoo, MSN etc average around 2-3% CTR. Some of our websites are averaging 5-10 times that! is doing a great job of driving potential customers to your website. Now let's make sure we're doing everything on your website to capture and convert these visitors into more money for you.

Marketing Tip #3

Marketing Tip #3 - Keep Your Website Up To Date.

Your goal should be to sustain a steady influx of new and return visitors to your website. If you don't give your website visitors a reason to return, they won't. If your website is built properly, it will give your prospective customers a predisposition to do business with you. It's important to keep things fresh, even if you are not actually selling anything on your website. You are selling yourself and your business! If your website does not appear maintained, they may get the wrong impression about how you handle things. Your website is a direct reflection of your business, so keep it current. Some of our customers send us the updates while most of you have some level of control over updates. If you feel you need more control over updating your website or if you need more training, please contact us!

Labor Day Mission Trip

We are headed to Saskatchewan, Canada over the Labor Day weekend once again this year to provide support for the Annual Northern Lights Pastoral Conference. Churches in Canada are fewer in numbers and much more spread out, creating a real need for fellowship and support. Once a year, pastors and their families from all over Canada travel long distances to get a little refreshing. Our group will provide teaching for the Pastors, a vacation bible school for the children and we will even take time to pamper the wives. It's not a typical mission trip as you might imagine, but we feel it's very important to take care of our pastors and their families. We may not have cell phone service or internet while we are there, therefore it may be difficult to reach us. If you have an emergency, the Shekinah Retreat Centre has authorized me to give you the phone number above to reach us while we are there. We will leave Nebraska early on the 28th and arrive at our destination the afternoon of the 29th. We will probably depart Canada on Sunday evening the 31st and arrive back home late Monday night. We will resume normal business hours on Tuesday the 2nd of September.

Billing Reminders

Most of our clients have been receiving monthly invoices lately, as opposed to us sending out annual invoices. We made this announcement several months ago and have finally gotten the books converted over.

We also want to remind you that YOU CAN STILL PAY ANNUALLY if you wish. It does save you TWO MONTHS and it's one check to write versus 12.

Also, don't forget that you can View and Pay your Bill Online through your Control Panel Login. We accept Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover as well as Paypal.

Special Offer Extended

We will CUSTOM DESIGN, PRINT and DELIVER 1000 High-Gloss professional stock business cards that will match the look of your website for only $69.00! Our website shows a $7 shipping and handling charge, but if you order before September 30th we will pay your shipping for you. I compared this with several local printers and some national ones and the average was around $90 for this quality and quantity PLUS shipping and handling charges. Give us a call or send us an email to place your order. We will confirm your order details and send you a proof before ordering to ensure absolute satisfaction! Visit and click on the Printing tab to see several samples of our work.

Contact Manager Upgrade

One of the primary goals of any advertising, especially a website, is to generate contacts. A website contact can be a prospective customer that has potential for improving your bottom line. Additionally, tracking your website contacts gives you a quantifiable means for measuring whether or not your website is being utilized. It's not the only measure of the success of your website, but it's part of the equation.

Here's the problem... 'Email' as we know it today is NOT a 100% dependable tool yet. (I will rejoice along with you when the day comes when it's foolproof, but please don't hold your breath!) Therefore, any website contacts that are sent only by email have the potential of NOT reaching you! (Due to spam filters or other internet glitches) Because of the nature of email, I can guarantee that there are contacts that are never responded to. That's like having a customer standing in your store and no one helps them, so they leave mad.

We have a solution! We have developed a database that will permanently record all your website contacts for you and make them available to you from your Control Panel Login, anytime, without ever having to check your email. We normally charge $225 for this feature. However, we want to show our appreciation for your continued business, so we are offering this upgrade for only $75! Your upgrade would include 1) additional security for your contact form itself 2) a permanent database to store your contacts 3) the ability to add/edit/delete AND reply to your contacts directly from your Control Panel Login!