Saturday, July 19, 2008

Computer Corner Debuts!

Introducing The Computer Corner Radio Program - "Bridging the Gap between Humans and High-Tech"

Brian has been 'fixing' computers since 1978 when his dad sold off one of his top horses to buy an Apple IIe computer with... get this... no hard drive and a whopping 64K of memory... for $3800 (which was a bargain at the time)! Over the years, Brian has collected an extensive database of computer and internet tips that he wants to share with everyone, so the Computer Corner program has been in the works for quite some time. Now with the emergence of some of the nastiest viruses and spyware in history, combined with the fact that 80% of Americans own a personal computer, the time has come to launch the tips program!

You can listen to sample broadcasts by visiting We are contacting radio stations nationwide to see if they would be interested in carrying this practical one minute program geared toward the average frustrated computer user, but you can listen to it directly from our website anytime!

New Design Releases

Here are a few of our newest design releases for July 2008;

Gateway Realty
Scottsbluff, Nebraska

Gateway Realty Scottsbluff, Nebraska
Valley Insurance Services
Gering, Nebraska

Valley Insurance Services Gering, Nebraska
Troyer Harness & Equipment Co.
Ft. Lupton, Colorado

Troyer Harness & Equipment Co. Ft. Lupton, Colorado

To learn more about these clients, visit

AgMarketOnline Update is a rapidly growing website that is advertised on our radio network of 20+ great radio stations in NE, CO, MT, ND, SD, KS and NM and is getting hundreds of unique visitors every day. Visit and search for your business. If you don't find it, give us a call! A basic membership is FREE as long as you are hosting with us.

This advertising cooperative has grown from just a few paying members a couple months ago to the list you see below.

* Antique John Deere Tractors
* Brighton Feed and Saddlery
* Minatare Arena
* Ted Robinson Cow Horses
* U.S. Custom Harvesters, Inc
* AmerCan Corp
* Bridle-Bit Training and Tack, LLC
* Bruce Laird LLC
* Diamond Double T Ranch
* Eaker Harvesting
* Eyster Harvesting, LLC
* Hermesch Custom Harvesting
* Keimig Harvesting
* Kulhanek Harvesting
* Lancaster Harvesting LLC
* Misener Family Harvesters
* Neufeld Harvesting
* Right Way Training
* Roland Harvesting and Trucking
* Vision of Unity Horsemanship
* West Winds Farm
* A W Thorne Land & Cattle
* AAA Custom Harvesting
* Bashor Ranch
* Daniels Harvesting
* Eberts Harvesting Inc
* Grove Harvesting
* J and H Harvesting
* Olsen Custom Farms
* Thurman Harvesting, Inc
* Torrington Livestock
* Twombly Arena Performance Horses
* Vieth Brothers Harvesting

To find links to any of these Advertising Coop members, visit

Website Testimonials

Get your website a little special attention by submitting a website testimonial to us to be featured here like this one from Mark Schultz at Western Sleep Medicine...

“We are so pleased with Hale Multimedia. The website design was outstanding. They had a feel for our business from the get go and really enhanced our message. The support has been great, training excellent, and they are always accessible for questions and updates. Response to the website has been incredible!“

New Live Support!

We are always looking for ways to improve our customer service. In January we downsized since the extra 'help' was actually a huge distraction from properly responding to our clients' needs. In late March we launched our own Project Management Software that helps us track every little task. In May we added an easier, more dependable way to send us a Support Request from any page of our website at Last month we improved the security of our contact forms by adding a randomly generated verification system called a 'captcha'. This helps eliminate computer generated spam.

This month we established a new easier-to-remember toll free number and we have added a New Live Support Feature which gives anyone the ability to quickly connect to us directly through a real-time live chat window. There are no program downloads and no sign-up forms to fill out! Just click on Live Support on any page of our website, enter your name and your email address and click Login. If we are logged in and sitting at our computer, then you will get us instantly. If we are away, it will let you know to contact us through the Support Request button on our websie, or you can give us a call. We want to give you every opportunity to contact us.

Marketing Tip #2

Marketing Tip #2 - Get some professionally printed business cards that match the look of your website.

Marketing your website is not that difficult, especially when you have a company behind you that is willing to share a few tips. We value your website and advertising business and are more than happy to pass along a few pointers to help bring more traffic to your website, and therefore more potential customers to you.

It's a simple formula; expose your website to more people and you will get more traffic. One way to do this is to have professionally printed busines cards that match the look of your website. We have established relationships with several printing companies and can pass along some great offers. Marketing Tip #1 was 'Don't Hide Your Website' which appeared in our April Newsletter.

Now I don't know about you, but we get offers in our email everyday for 'FREE Business Cards'. We have found out that 'FREE' isn't really free. Most of them require you to use their website to builld the cards yourself using one of their templates and they will charge you a nice fee for shipping and handling. If you want to use your logo, get a glossy finish or a heavier stock, that will cost extra as well.

We want to help. We will CUSTOM DESIGN 1000 High-Gloss professional stock business cards that will match the look of your website AND deliver them to you for only $69.00! Our website shows a $7 shipping and handling charge, but if you order before September 1st we will pay your shipping for you! I compared this with several local printers and some national ones and the average was around $90 for this quality and quantity PLUS shipping and handling charges. Give us a call on our new toll free # at 800 783-1103 to place your order. We will confirm your order details and send you a proof before ordering to ensure absolute satisfaction!

New Toll Free Number

Our New Toll Free 800 Number is 1 800 783-1103

We will be discontinuing our old 877 number very soon, so start using the 800 number immediately. All of our other numbers remain the same.

Security Certificates

We recently found an excellent vendor for installing security certificates. This puts a padlock on your website, giving your website visitors a higher level of confidence knowing their information is safer with this added level of security. Call us for details.

Happy Birthday Brayden

We know that many of our faithful website clients and friends prayed for Brayden three years ago when he was born 3 months premature at just over 2 lbs. We celebrated his birthday on July 11th and he is now a completely healthy and strong little man within all normal ranges. Thank you for your prayers!

Friday, July 4, 2008

KCMI Drops Our News

KCMI FM 96.9, a ministry of Christian Media, Inc. out of Scottsbluff, Nebraska, recently announced that they will no longer be carrying Christian, National and Local News from Hale Broadcasting. After providing free programming to the station for nearly two years, the station's Director Gary Almquist notified Brian Hale that they would no longer be needing the news programs. Hale Broadcasting will continue to produce nationally syndicated programming for the other 26 radio stations in Nebraska, Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, Wyoming and New Mexico. Howard and Brian Hale are in negotiations with several more radio stations across Nebraska to expand their news network. Stay tuned for more on this development!