Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 9 Wed Apr 28

With each day that passes, Steve is gaining more knowledge and confidence in the products and services that we offer here at Hale Multimedia. The more he does on his own, the more I can work on our other businesses like Exclusive Livestock and Rental History.

In fact, I might be moving to a different office so that I can get more administrative work and programming done. There's just too much going on in the Sales office, which is a good thing! I'll probably move to Suite E. (in our current office at 2013 Broadway)

Steve has been making some great calls. We have an appt with CLIC Ministries set for tomorrow. I am always excited to help Christian Ministries with their websites. There is so much you can do once you establish a web presence.

We finished the new website redesign for Oregon Trail Wagon Train and implemented online ticket sales for their 3rd of July Festival.

Lot's more I am forgetting i'm sure, but I will catch it tomorrow!

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 8 Tue Apr 27

It's only been a week since Steve came on board and he has already landed some great appointments that are paying off.

We met with Valerie Cox, Chiropractor at her office in the Western Plains business center in Scottsbluff. She became a sponsor of our local search engine. Congrats and welcome Valerie! Good job Steve.

Another appointment was with a wonderful Christian lady that has been in business in Scottsbluff for 28 years I believe... Marie's Embroidery on Broadway. We just love to encourage everyone to do business with Marie. Her prices are the best I have found and her service of 28 years speaks for itself. She doesn't even charge a digitizing fee like everyone else and her shirts are priced near wholesale. When you see us all wearing new shirts with our Hale Multimedia logo on it, you will know it's from Marie's!

We also met with Nebraska Popcorn and discovered that they need prayers for their equipment. Replacement costs are high and we're hoping for a solution so that we can keep Nebraska Popcorn around for all of us to enjoy.

Steve is great on the phone and it became obvious that we needed another phone line installed by Allo. They came over and put in a new line right away. We are so glad that we have a local phone company to serve us!

We also have a lunch meeting to discuss with some local Property Owners tomorrow.  I'll post more on this then.

Exclusive Livestock is getting a facelift. I had way too many designs and pages and needed to really simplify things. I posted a new home page this morning but I still have to simplify the subpages now that I have all of our thoughts and structure rethought again. I know this process is taking time, but we believe this is a business that is going to be around for a long time. I really appreciate the patience our partners have shown in this developmental process.

I also took a little time to visit Grace at Riverview Golf Course to see if we could help them promote their business online.  I think it would be fun to get some great photos and put together a really nice looking website for them. We'll see what happens.

Bluffs Vision has been a client since 2007 and they recently voted to upgrade their level of control on their website so we met for our initial training session today.

More tomorrow!

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 7 Mon Apr 26

It's Day 7 in our New Era at Hale Multimedia and the progress is going very well.

The new website will be revealed this week sometime and like I said before... the new design is so much cleaner and simpler.  The old website has too much information on some of the pages.  We have learned that we can still get all the info on the website, it's just a lot cleaner and easier to read than before.  Stay tuned for the announcement.

We have several other large projects launching soon as well...

Exclusive Livestock LLC is getting a fresh look, better organization and cleaner navigation. is coming along and will launch June 1st, 2010. 
Star Legacy Foundation has been proofed and we are waiting for more input from Shauna. 
Clemens Carpet had tons of photos added to their new website by Patrick.
Patrick also finished off Oregon Trail Baptist Association's new website.
Rive LLC is a beautiful new website that Andi is pretty much buried in right now.

There are other projects in the works as well, but those are some of the bigger ones.

We did a lot of training on proposal creation with Steve today.  As we work through our patented 5 point Sales Management System we constantly discover new techniques to improve the process.  One of the key discoveries was in our process of creating the proposals.

Steve is doing a great job setting up the appointments, like the one with Turtle Moon this morning.  We had a very nice visit with Thuvan.   We are hoping that we can help Turtle Moon to sell their cool stuff online.  Have you ever visited this little store in the Mall?  It's really cool.  Check it out at The Monument Mall in Scottsbluff!  Tell them that you are looking forward to seeing their new website online!   We have not contracted with them yet, but we are looking forward to helping Turtle Moon if they decide to move forward.

We also had a nice conversation with Stephanie at the Goshen County Fairgrounds.  We would love to be able to create a website for that wonderful facility they have there!  We do enjoy the Fair sites... check out for one that we have done.

Andi worked really hard all day to get the invoices prepared for the month and finished them up around 10pm. After that we finally went home and went over all the numbers for the month and prayed over the whole situation.  We pray for blessing on our customers who owe us money, as we know times are tough.  We will work with anyone on their bill, so if you owe us and need a payment arrangement, just let us know!  We are easy to get along with here at Hale Multimedia.

We are looking forward to every day with enthusiasm!  Thank you Lord for all you have given us.


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 6 Sun Apr 25

It is Day 6 in our New Era at Hale Multimedia.

There are several things that we are doing differently now in this new era that began on Tuesday when Steve Taffe came on board as our very first Director of Business Development. Steve is a good fit at Hale Multimedia as we share many similar values and work ethics. One thing I wanted to implement at work was more prayer, at least to start each day. That was a natural transition for us since we all know the power of prayer. We pray daily because we love God and value His guidance, not to impress anyone like one liberal facebooker in my friends list accused Christians of doing. It's not about us! We understand that and just want to do whatever we can to serve Him.

Our service at Bethel Baptist was a special treat today as Toby Leafgreen and family led worship and gave the message from God's Word ... even with the computer crash!

Awana at Zion was fun today too! I had the kids play kickball indoors but it wad them against all the leaders! Great time and no injuries. Now it is time to get Lexi to Youth Group back at Bethel.

Thank you for this day Lord. Thank you for everything!


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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day 5 Sat Apr 24

Our long standing company meeting at Arby's kicked off with mom offering our opening prayer.  Thank you mother!  Present were Howard Hale, Pat Hale, Brian Hale, Andi Hale, James Soundsleeper and Joyce Lana.

We followed our agenda and found nothing unusual to report in the areas of collections, sales, production etc.  We did however cover our newest project fairly extensively... that's  This seems to have a lot of local backing already.  We voted to roll full steam ahead on this one right now.  Launch is officially June 1st, but we are going to do lots of preliminary marketing and advertising promotion that will get everyone excited for the launch.

James and I came back to the office to finalize the tri-fold brochures and business cards for  We also investigated the process of getting a toll free 1 800 number.   Great progress on the print media... the order should be out by Monday.  One week from Monday is May 3.  That will give us the month of May to really promote it and get in front of Realtor Associations of Landlord Associations.

More on all this later, let's get to work!  lol


Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 4 Fri Apr 23

Let's face it. We live in a technologically dependant society. You can't escape it, even in rural areas like Scottsbluff / Gering Nebraska where our home offices are. If you don't grab hold of the technology, it will pass you by.

I know this personally. I resisted getting a cell phone or any kind of handheld computer for a long time. I'm 44 and I will admit when cell phones first came out I thought it was more of a convenience than it was a necessity and it was more of a status symbol.

So, I resisted getting a cell phone until 1999 and didn't get a web enabled phone until I got this Blackberry Storm last October. ...and yes I am way behind on all the things that handhelds do now!

I did learn however, how to post to this blog by simply sending an email to my blogpost address. So that is what I am doing right now... Sitting here blogging via my cell phone... What has this world turned into?  Why would anyone want to read what I have to say? lol

We had another great day in the Sales and Marketing Departments today. Steve made several new contacts and ended up adding 17 new qualified prospects to the hopper for the week. That's fantastic considering he didn't start until Tuesday and Wednesday was Training. Great job Steve. Let's move a few from the hopper to the board this coming week! business cards and fliers were started. Those are already being requested. The website is set to officially launch June 1st.

Lot's of other things happening so stay tuned!

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