Saturday, February 1, 2014

Security Alert! Yahoo, Target, Neiman Marcus, Michael's... the list continues to grow

We HIGHLY recommend that everyone using Yahoo Mail should change their password immediately.  A news reports claims that over 200,000,000 (200 Million) user accounts have been hacked.  Your personal identity, passwords, email and contacts are all at risk.  Yahoo is just the latest in the ever-growing list of companies that have been compromised.

Change your passwords often and DO NOT use the same password for everything!  This is the absolute most common and worst mistake we hear about. 

If these companies that are getting hacked don't figure out how to secure their customers personal information, then I believe the public will no longer trust them. 

Also, if you have a Smart Phone, DO NOT leave it unlocked.  Add a pattern swipe, passcode or something that will slow down a hacker and BE SURE to figure out how you can wipe your phone from a remote location in case it is lost or stolen! I personally had an iPad stolen after owning it only one week, and boy was I glad that Apple had a way for me to trace it and wipe it.  I know who stole it.  They have him on camera at the YMCA in Scottsbluff, Nebraska.  However, the Police Department and the management were unwilling to help me recover it in a timely manner.  My only recourse was to wipe it and kiss my $500 goodbye.  I know that God will be the judge of him, so I am just glad that it could be wiped.

We are not a security company, but I am willing to help anyone with figuring out how to best protect themselves from the ruthless thief that is just waiting for you to make a mistake and leave your property unprotected.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Our New Vision for 2014

Before we look ahead, let's review 2013...

  • We purchased new server equipment, upgraded our security plan and increased our overall server response time dramatically
  • Relocated and opened the new office in Wichita Falls. Texas which has proven to be a positive move
  • Added Mobile Apps and Mobile Marketing Strategies to our lineup of small business products
The family and the company overcame some pretty big obstacles in 2013.  First, it was apparent that the old van wasn't going to last long, so we had to look for a 'new' vehicle. Then there was getting the house ready for sale and then the monster move from Nebraska to Texas in August to the brand new web server we had to purchase in September to the McCook Farm and Ranch Expo and the subsequent trip back home into the ice storm that almost killed us just four miles north of our exit.  So there were definately challenges, but we have so much to be thankful for, and we truly are.

We love and miss our church family and friends from the Panhandle, that's for sure.  Thankfully, we have found this place very much like home, so it's been an easy transition for us. We are also thankful for our new church family at First Baptist Church Wichita Falls. Andi is in the Choir and Praise Team, Brian took place in his first musical as an adult (get this, as a Thai King) and Arianna and Brayden are on the Kid's Praise team, which Andi Directs.

We are especially thankful for our faithful clients and friends of Hale Multimedia and Mobile Marketing.

"Our New Vision is to help small business owners and managers to develop and implement effective mobile marketing strategies."

  • Over half of searches are now performed on mobile device. (Google)
  • 40% of people will move on if a website is not mobile. (iAcquire)
  • 71% of mobile users expect web pages to load quickly. (Gomez)
  • 4 out of 5 consumers use smartphones to shop. (Comscore)
  • 70% of mobile searches lead to action within an hour. (iAcquire)

We have always been a company that leads and transforms with the current market demands and we have noticed a huge move to mobile devices for people of all ages, everywhere in the country.  Our New Vision means we want to help small businesses to take advantage of our knowledge on how to get their business noticed on mobile devices worldwide.

Back in November 2012, a website client asked us if we could make an actual app that you download.  We got to cookin' on it and we had our first simple downloadable app Dec 11, 2012. So 2013 was filled with hours and hours of research (mostly from the tree-house) about app development and licensing requirements and how to get our apps into the Windows, iTunes, Google Play and Blackberry stores.  At year's end the total active apps stands at 18, although there were actually more than 30 mobile projects created in 2013.

Apps are only a small part of the big picture however.  Don't forget mobile websites, facebook, google, twitter, linkedin, foursquare, etc  We offer monthly plans that will get your business on all the popular social and mobile media.  Call for a FREE Mobile Marketing Checkup!

We still enjoy building full sized websites and custom programming projects.  Especially since we have learned ways to make them all work together.  Current Customers are still getting 50% off any website upgrade or mobilization.  Visit or call 800 783-1103 anytime!

Our Goal for 2014 is to make sure that 100% of our current customers are given the opportunity to GO MOBILE before another year of prospects is missed. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Our Secret to Success

"The One Tip To Explode Your Sales - Fast!"
Yesterday, as I was running a few errands and picking up some things at Target, I noticed Time magazine's current special issue about Thomas A. Edison, and since I already admire Mr. Edison and have learned so much from reading about his life and work, I grabbed it without even looking at the price.
I read close to 80 pages last night before I started nodding off and had to go to bed, and was amazed at Edison's determination to always get what he was after.
Take the phonograph, for example: In the famous photo shown below of Edison posing with his newly-perfected phonograph, he hadn't slept for 3 days and nights!
No wonder he has bags under his eyes and looks a bit dazed!
Why Edison Was Successful - And How You Can Be Too
Edison became the world's greatest and most famous inventor for one reason, and one reason only: He was always looking for ways to improve things! In many cases, he hadn't even been the original inventor of the product in question, but was able to improve it to such an extent that he got the credit.
If you want to succeed in sales, you need to do the same!
The problem, however, is that very few salespeople look for better ways of doing things.
In fact, I've found the exact opposite to be true: Far too many salespeople are trying to get "something for nothing" and to get more leads and more sales without having to use their brains.
When I was in high school, I had a summer job doing hard labor for the local parks department: Clearing brush, chopping down trees, and the like. Ironically, I considered it the easiest job I've ever had. Sure, it was physically exhausting, but I didn't have to think! And going through the day without having to use my brain was EASY!
Why Most Salespeople Fail
Most salespeople fail for that same reason: They go through each day without using their brains. They look for the easy way out.
Unfortunately, trying to find the easy way almost inevitably leads them to the HARD way - a path that rarely leads to sales success.
Robert Kiyosaki, of Rich Dad fame, in speaking to a group of budding entrepreneurs, said that "having a job is a sign of laziness." In the context of that situation, he was telling the people listening that if they were serious about starting a business, they'd quit their jobs and put their butts out on the line. There is no other way to guarantee success. Likewise, salespeople who go on doing the same activities that aren't working - like cold calling in particular - cannot expect success.
How To Succeed In Sales - Fast!
If you want to succeed in sales, and explode your sales numbers - fast - you'll need to start using your brain and finding ways to improve upon how you're doing things now.
The good news is that this isn't as hard as you think. In fact, once you find that way, sales becomes easy. It becomes a fun game. You will be excited to get up and go to work every day. Your sales manager will fear you, for fear of his own job. Your colleagues will envy you and wonder how you're doing it, and your customers will LOVE you - and send you more and more referral business!
The best news of all is that the path to sales success already exists - you don't have to do the hard work of figuring it out on your own. I've done that for you, and the answers are all laid out in my Never Cold Call Again system. It's five modules full of endless tactics, strategies, and techniques that you can begin using - RIGHT NOW - to flood yourself with endless, hot leads - people who are ready to buy right now.
And since you get to "try it before you buy it" on me for a full 30 days, before even deciding if you want to keep it and pay for it then, or send it back and never pay me a dime, there's no excuse not to have it, so get your copy right now:
I look forward to posting YOUR success story in the right-hand column of this newsletter very soon!
To your success!
Frank Rumbauskas

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Google discontinues free service

Google's announcement to discontinue their free 'Google Apps for Business' service left many businesses looking for a good, free alternative.  This service provided businesses a way to utilize their domain name in conjunction with gmail and all the free services that come with it including the Contact manager within Gmail, the very handy and useful Google Calendar, as well as their amazing collaboration function through Google Drive just to name a few.  In reality, Google has been providing a very robust back office at absolutely no cost to us, until now.

From a business standpoint, many of us wondered and even predicted that someday Google would start charging for their email service.  So we shouldn't be surprised.  Instead, let's look at the value of these services versus the cost that Google is charging.  They are getting $5 per month per account through their paid Google Apps for Business.  That's $60 per year, per email address, so if you have 10 people in your company or organization that want to have their email address, then that would run $600 per year payable to Google.

If you don't mind your email address being, then this service is still a free service.  Google has only done away with Google Apps for Business being free.  So it's just no more free gmail with

There are other ways to utilize your domain name.  A lot of businesses use a web hosting service for their email, allowing them to have for their email addresses then combine that with other free services like free online calendars, etc. We charge an extra $10 per month flat rate for up to 10 email accounts. In comparison to Google's $600 per year, you would only pay $120 per year through us for 10 accounts.  This only includes email though, not the other service included in Google Apps for Business.  In our opinion, Google's $5 per month for all that they offer is a tremendous bargain.

Should you want to try something other than Google, several have suggested that Zoho Calendar is the best option for those who want to share a fully functional online calendar with a group.  It's free and very similar to Google Calendar.  It has some very good options including import/export, sharing with anyone regardless of email address, ability to easily embed on your website, is available on mobile devices and has a nice visual format.

We will continue to monitor and explore more options for our customers.  The good news is that Google is grandfathering in everyone who was already on Google Apps for Business.  This change only affects new customers trying to signup or complete their signup process.  If it wasn't already completed and verified, you're out of luck.

For more questions, email me ( or call us toll free 800 783-1103.  Google, Google Calendar, Google Apps for Business and any other reference to Google are Trademark Google, Inc.

Monday, December 31, 2012

What's an 'app'?

You may have heard the saying, 'there's an app for that' and it's true, there are millions of 'apps' created for all kinds of reasons.  So, before we go any further, what's an 'app'?

Before I could explain to my customers how valuable it might be to have an app, I knew it would necessary to answer this basic question. So, what's an 'app'?

Here are a couple responses to this elusive question...

Sean Brandt, owner of a website design firm in Lincoln, Nebraska wrote, "Custom software developed and branded to meet the needs and wants of an organization's audience. A mobile site utilizes a browser on your mobile phone and it usually functions like your main website in design and content usually built by a web designer. A mobile app is a stand alone application on a mobile phone that has it's own graphical user interface fulfilling a specific niche pertaining to your organization that is built by an app developer."

Adam Bauer, Marketing Director for Zips Trucks in Iowa replied, "A mobile website is an optimized version of a main website (streamlined, simplified and sized appropriately for smaller screens).  Advantages: easier to find (search engines) and share; less expensive; easier to update; compatible across many devices..
A mobile app is an application that is downloaded and installed on a mobile device.
Advantages: can work offline; can utilize native functionality (camera, SMS, GPS,...); higher performance (good for interactivity or gaming); personalization (updating personal data regularly, Evernote).

I enjoyed the simplicity of Jeremiah Eli Schweitzer's answer when he wrote, "Something that makes something else easier."

In fact, it was this definition that helped me to realize that I have been building 'apps' or as we call them, 'modules' or 'snippets of code' that have been helping make things easier on the web since 1998 and conventional computers as far back as 1978.  

By this definition, 'apps' are nothing new.  It's the delivery of information that has been under constant evolution - from the invention of the printing press hundreds of years ago to Radio to TV to the amazing tool we all know as the 'Internet'.  The Internet has placed the world's largest library at our fingertips, but without an actual vehicle to deliver the information, it's virtually useless.  

The first vehicle to deliver information over the internet came in the form of large main frame computers.  Eventually PC's, or personal computers found their way into homes and the public began getting news and other information delivered directly to their desktop, as Dr. John Naisbitt predicted in his book Megatrends, nearly 30 years ago.  Websites carried the load to our PC's for many years, and will continue to do so while apps can be thought of as the driving force behind mobile content delivery.

Now, literally thousands of different mobile devices can be easily purchased and eventually nearly everyone will have a mobile device of some sort.  Since Apps are the programs (software) that run these devices, they can easily be seen as the engine that is driving mobile content delivery to new heights. 

In summary, here are a few of the benefits of having an app designed for your business or organization;
  • Apps deliver content to mobile devices more efficiently than a web browser.
  • Apps generally load quicker than websites, or even mobile websites.
  • Apps can be easily custom designed and updated quickly, even more easily than a website.
  • Apps are highly interactive and can pull from other native apps (GPS, Camera, etc)
  • Apps make it possible to connect via all social media sites in one place.
  • Apps are downloaded to your device, enabling access to content when a connection is not available.
  • App developers must pay a fee, creating a natural filtering process of designers.

There are several other specific benefits unique to various industries that are too numerous to mention here, but we would be happy to visit with anyone interested in exploring the possibilities.

Please give us a call toll free 1 800 783-1103, txt 940 224-6315 or email if you would like a free quote on the production of your next app!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

American Gelbvieh Association goes mobile!

Hale Multimedia LLC is very pleased to announce that the American Gelbvieh Association has hired us to create, develop and release a new mobile app to be launched in January 2013.  The app will be Free and compatible with 2200+ devices including the iPhone, iPad and Android. 

"We are very excited about the new app, especially since the association also shares in the anticipation of the project.  The association's website is very good, in our opinion.  It's well thought out and easy to navigate.  The information is there and it appears to be up to date.  We have seen many association websites and we believe that Jennifer did an excellent job on this one.

We believe that we can take the positive of what is already there and make it available to anyone with a smart phone or similar device.  This expands the reach of the American Gelbvieh Association beyond anything they've had before.

We love our cattlemen and women.  We want to work directly with them to make this the most useful application in their business." - Brian Hale, Developer

The new Gelbvieh Association App will be available for download through Apple's App Store (through iTunes) and the Android market, Google Play, as well as other less-known 'app' stores, and through the association's website ( from your mobile device.

We are passionate about helping our friends who work hard to feed the world every day.

Hale Multimedia is;

Howard Hale; NAFB Farm Broadcaster of several syndicated radio programs and livestock producer
Brian Hale; U.S. Army veteran computer programmer, Farm Broadcaster, Website and App Developer
Andi Hale; Graphics Designer, Website Designer, Computer Programmer, Children's Youth Leader
Nia Hale; Senior Vice President of Research and Marketing at Hale Multimedia LLC

Monday, November 26, 2012

App Development announced...

We'll see how long it takes for this to catch fire.  Many of you have been asking us for custom downloadable apps that can be made available through the iTunes and Google Play Markets.  Great news!  We are fully capable of creating any type of app imaginable (that does not contradict our values and mission at Hale Multimedia). 

We have already created two excellent apps, one for AgMarketOnline (our Ag Directory and Marketing Tool) and one for the Horseman's Corner radio program by Howard Hale.  This free app allows users to listen to any of the daily or weekend Horseman's Corner shows featuring some of the greatest minds in the horse world.  The app also allows users to post their horses for sale either in the Classified Ads section for only $5 per horse for two months or in the more elaborate Horses For Sale section for $35 per horse for six months of advertising.

We are quite excited about all the possibilities and are looking forward to working with our clients to build practical, effective apps for less than 1/2 of what the average going rate is.  Sure, anyone can build a free app themselves and that is a great option for some folks.  If that is you, then do it and let us help you promote it!  If you do not want to learn how to build apps, then we can do it for you.  Call us toll free 800 783-1103 or send us an email at

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Parable of Four Patriots

Once there were four patriots who lived side by side. Their names were Fred Somebody, Thomas Everybody, Pete Anybody and Joe Nobody. They were not like you and me. They were very odd people indeed and it was hard to understand them. The way they cared about their Liberty and Freedoms was a shame and Everybody knew it.

It seems that Everybody was too busy with work to be concerned about the government. Somebody was usually busy following major league and college sports. Anybody was busily involved with watching reality TV and his recreational activities and just couldn't be bothered. So, Nobody got involved.

Throughout the nation people were needed to work on the issues of Liberty and Freedom. Everybody thought that Anybody would have the time but Somebody wouldn't do it. So guess who finally did it? That's right Nobody!

There was an important meeting to attend because an unpopular [City, County, State or National] issue was on the agenda. Everybody knew it was his responsibility to attend and Anybody knew that Somebody would go but Nobody went. Somebody got angry afterwards because it was Everybody's responsibility to attend, and Everybody got angry because Anybody didn't go when the unpopular issued passed. Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody attended the meeting that Anybody could attend.

It seemed like Nobody was the only true Patriot among the four. Nobody followed the issues. Nobody emailed and wrote his Legislators, Representatives and Senators. Nobody supported the Veterans. Nobody was involved with organizations that supported God - Family - Country. Nobody got out to vote for every election. In fact, everything important to the cause of Liberty and the preservation of our Constitutional Republic - Nobody did it.

All four of these bodies belonged to the same civic-minded organization and political party. Everybody stayed home from the meetings and rallies. Anybody didn't go to the Caucasus and Conventions because he just knew that there wasn't Somebody there to be friendly and speak to just Anybody. So Nobody supported the efforts of the organization, the party and its candidates.

It really wasn't a very pleasant place to live as the Liberty and Freedom they had inherited from their Founding Fathers and ancestors deteriorated throughout their nation. I sure don't think that you would enjoy living under the evolving Socialist government. There was a time when Everybody supported the Constitution and the God given unalienable rights of man to Life, Liberty and Property. But, Somebody wanted power over We the People. Anybody could see the loss of individual Freedoms and States Rights guaranteed by our Bill of Rights which was Everybody's responsibility to protect. But, Nobody was concerned enough to be involved in Liberty's preservation and Freedom was lost.

Now it came to pass that the most important election in the history of the nation was upon them. Everybody knew they needed to be involved and to vote but Somebody thought that his involvement didn't matter and his vote didn't count. Anybody should have been involved and voted but they thought Somebody would. Somebody didn't! So who saved our Constitutional Republic? Oh! You're ahead of me - Nobody!

So now, my fellow Patriots, it is apparent what needs to be done. Let's get Everybody involved in the preservation of Liberty and our Constitutional Republic. Anybody can choose to do something in Somebody's organization so that Nobody is excluded. It is only when Everybody is involved and votes that we can with a firm reliance on the Divine Providence hope to "secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity."

"If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land." [2 Chronicles 7:14]

May God Bless and Save the United States of America
Our Constitutional Republic !

Note: The preceding adapted from the original by Rev. Willis Clark, Jr.

William J. Dell - 1 May 2012
Amore Dei, Familiae, Patriae ducit !

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hale Multimedia Open for Business

Greetings everyone and thanks for reading about what's going on in the world with Hale Multimedia.   I've been doing a lot of writing lately, but it's been for a local newspaper and website here in Western Nebraska. Check it out at or for the mobile version.

Life is pretty exciting as we are getting settled into our new office environment inside the Gering Citizen Newspaper.  It's really funny how people start talking about us when they don't even know what's going on.  Every time a business moves, it seems like people want to spread rumors and lies about the situation.  We simply moved back to our hometown of Gering where the traffic down broadway goes the speed limit most of the time.  In Scottsbluff, people would FLY past our office at 21st and Broadway going 45-50 miles an hour.  You know the intersection... the last downtown stoplight going north... as soon as they hit 20th Street, it's major acceleration time.  Traffic in downtown Scottsbluff is out of control north of 20th.

We are enjoying our working relationship with Gering Citizen.  I am laying out pages, reporting on local games and other events, acting as ag editor and developing and maintaining the websites, while Andi is working in the creative design department for our advertisers.

Hale Multimedia is fully operational, however, with our new duties, we are open for Hale Multimedia business on Wednesday - Saturday by appointment.  Mondays and Tuesday are reserved for the newspaper.  We publish the Valley's biggest weekly newspaper on those two days with the paper hitting the streets Wednesday afternoon and in people's mail boxes Thursday (or whenever their mail comes).

Please let everyone you know that we have moved to 1447 10th Street in Gering and that we are as busy as ever.  In fact, Hale Multimedia enjoyed it's best year ever and we are looking forward to another fantastic year.

My next blog post will include several of the exciting new website projects that we have launched recently, so stay tuned!

~ Brian Hale

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Beware of Yahoo! Hackers

Yahoo accounts are getting hacked. We suggest to all our friends and clients that you either shut down your account and any access to other applications, or reset all your passwords and security questions.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Attitude is Everything

You gotta hand it to the Minatare football coaching staff. Their attitude is certainly an admirable one. The Indians are 0-3, but according to the coaches... it's a great 0-3! Despite the scoreboard, that winning attitude seems prevalent around Minatare these days. The parents, alumni and fans were positive and supportive. The coaches showed amazing patience with the mistakes of their young team. I even heard the P.A. Announcer encouraging the kids. If ever a team could say they are in a rebuilding year, the 2011 Indians can lay claim to that one for sure. Seniors Nate Garcia and Richard Mitchell and lone Junior Jorge Montelongo are the only upper classmen on the team. With four sophomores and seven freshmen, 6-man football fans should keep an eye on these guys in the future. Minatare hosted the Hyannis Longhorns in Friday's Homecoming contest. The night was full of spirit and festivities as the fans filed in, which included dozens of MHS Alumni returning to show their support. The team is young and the town is small, but they filled the stands and lined the sidelines for what proved to be a close contest all the way. The game started off slowly as both teams exchanged possession regularly. It was Minatare that caught the first break with 3:55 to go in the 1st quarter when Junior Jorge Montelongo recovered a fumble at the line of scrimmage. However, as was the case most of the night, penalties halted their efforts and the quarter expired with no points scored. 0-0 The second quarter was a little more exciting, but only if you were wearing blue and white (or sitting across the field). Hyannis Sophomore Travis Hoover returned a Nate Garcia interception for 6 points with 8:34 to go in the 2nd quarter. Minatare's Javier Guerrero blocked the extra point kick attempt to keep it at 6-0 Hyannis. The determined Indians didn't just set back and relax, however. They came out strong with a drive of their own behind the running of Senior Nate Garcia. (This is the point in the game where the coaches were given the opportunity to display great patience with their young team.) The Indians had driven down fairly deep into Longhorn territory when a multitude of penalties began. First it was an offensive facemask, then a procedure call. Then, despite being backed up into his own territory now, Garcia wheeled around the left end for long TD... only to be negated by another holding penalty. "That's ok guys, do it again" yelled the assistant coach from the sideline. So, Garcia did just that and took the ball into the end zone again for 6. Had it not been for that yellow marker on the field, we would have been tied. All for not though as his second TD of the drive was also negated. Minatare struggled on offense after that and turned it over on downs with 5:25 to go in the half still down 6-0. A good defensive showing by the Indians gave them the ball back with another chance to get some points on the board before halftime. The enthusiasm was squelched when Minatare coughed up the ball on their own 17 yard line with 2:58 left. The Indian defense held tough, but Longhorn Sophomore Travis Hoover was able to punch it in with :10 seconds remaining for his second TD of the night. Minatare's Javier Guerrero blocked his second PAT of the night keeping it 12-0 Hyannis. Halftime festivities included a performance from the award winning Minatare Cheerleaders, information about the alternative homecoming party scheduled after the game and a reading of the list of alumni in attendance; Jane Bauer (Shadle), 1952; Anita Duncan (Burry), 1958; Con Sanchez, 1963; Nestor Sanchez, 1965; John Chavez, 1966; Caryle Covalt, 1969; Mike Nuss, 1970; Maria Longoria (Molina), 1971; Jan Nuss (Covalt), 1972; Tom Case, 1981; Karen Koke (Lofing), 1981; Benny Garcia, 1984; Brian Hale, 1984; Chad Conklin, 1985; Ed Russell, 1985; Diana Kenagy, 1990; Eric Longoria, 1991; Brandon Sandoz, 1991; Yvette Chavez, 1992; Deb Valdez (Ramirez), 1992; Diane Fair (Helser), 1993; LeAnn Nuss, 1994; Darla Novotny, 1998; Lisa Quintanar (Nuss), 1998; Denasha Rickets (Wecker), 1998; Samantha Clause (Greene), 1999; Josh Lovato, 1999; Tonya DeWitt, 2000; Adam Koke, 2004; AJ Conklin, 2006; Justin Koke, 2007; Tyler McAllister, 2007; Nichole Martinez (Salazar), 2007; Tiffany Schleuning (Mitchell), 2008; Alicia Main (Dickey), 2010; Alicia Fibelstad, 2010; Armando Garcia, 2010; Abi Longoria, 2010; Anthony Longoria, 2010; Ryan Manka, 2010; Amber Shimek, 2010; Brittney Johnson, 2011; Xavier Longoria, 2011; Marissa Lucius, 2011; Elizabeth Mitchell, 2011. Guerrero continued to shine in the 2nd half when he scored Minatare's first official TD of the night with 7:25 to go in the 3rd quarter. The PAT kick attempt was blocked by Hyannis making it 12-6. Minatare looked to be gaining some momentum when Sophomore Steven Juarez intercepted the ball with 5:32 remaining in the 3rd. Both teams then struggled with multiple penalties with all drives stalling and our score after 3 still 12-6 Hyannis. Hyannis drove down the field to start the 4th quarter but a goal line stand led by Senior Richard Mitchell and another interception by Juarez and the Indians were back in it. Nate Garcia took the Indians to paydirt again scoring on the run and knotting our game up at 12-12. The ensuing PAT was blocked and we remained locked up with 4 minutes to go in the contest. The Indians had the momentum and were poised to pull this one off when the Minatare 'D' had Hoover scrambling for his life. Unfortunately, in 6-man football, scrambling is a big part of the game. Hoover rambled back and forth and eventually down the field for his third touchdown of the evening with 1:57 remaining. Their PAT pass was good making our final score 19-12 as the Indians were not able to muster another drive of their own. In line with recent tradition at Minatare, the Homecoming Royalty was presented after the game with Richard Mitchell and Sabrina Longoria named your 2011 MHS Homecoming King and Queen. Jr Prince and Princess went to Jorge Montelongo and Chyann Ross. Despite the breezy and cool conditions, more dirty laundry on the field than a Don Henley song from the 80's and a game that ended up being one of the lowest scoring 6-man contests in history, it was an enjoyable evening watching the two young teams battle it out. Minatare's next contest is scheduled for this friday when they host a team from Central Nebraska, the 3-1 Arcadia Huskies.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Emergency Mobile Alert System

Hale Multimedia's Emergency Mobile Alert System provides a quick, reliable service that allows schools the ability to broadcast emergency notifications to parents via text messaging. Instead of a school having to develop its own notification infrastructure or paying thousands of dollars, they can use our infrastructure FREE to quickly and reliably broadcast notifications to parents!

When a school signs up for the Mobile Alerts System they receive a secure login and password to access the Mobile Alerts Platform. Whenever a notification needs to be sent out, the school's assigned administrator logs into the Mobile Alerts portal and enters in the notification.

Once the notification is entered, the notification is immediately sent to parents and students that have signed up to receive them.

If your school or organization would like to become part of the Mobile Alerts System please contact us to inquire about registering with our service.

Call toll free 1 (800) 783-1103 or locally in the panhandle of Nebraska at (308) 632-4653.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Website Production Update

Big things are happening at Hale Multimedia.  We have launched several great projects over the summer.  Welcome aboard to our newest website customers: Black Gold Energy Transport ( and A Summer Afternoon (

We built a site for our local Never Forget! a 10th Anniversary Rememberance of 9-11 to create excitement and anticipation as well as gather volunteers for the big event.

Our full custom IDX integration is a great improvement on the way our customers real estate listings are found.  Check out Century 21 Home Team ( and Premier Properties ( for their new look and easy search capabilities.

We are very excited about our newest programming successes.  Tempur-Pedic by Waterbed Showcase can now create and manipulate invoices on their phone or ipad and print it out for the customer all while they are on the sales floor. 

The Ultimate Student Nurse Survival Guide is a full education site integrating textbook style articles, some including video; resources, interactive group forum and full testing module all behind a paid member login.

We are also building mobile sites.  Our shining example is Gering Citizen's mobile site at which loads quickly on your Blackberry, iPhone, Droid or iPad.

Watch for our newest releases @, Facebook, our blog or follow us on Twitter.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dowtown Scottsbluff Nebraska

We are happy to announce that we have been developing a fresh new website created specifically for Downtown Scottsbluff that is due to launch this Fall.

Our newest Website Designer, Kat Van Hoosear, has been working diligently on creating some really great looking free websites that will be featured on this new Downtown Scottsbluff website!  We are not charging a dime for all these new websites but we are offering the opportunity to become a FEATURED Downtown Business for only $50 per year.  Featured Businesses will be allowed to update their free website anytime they want in order to advertise any specials or sales.  Also, like the rest of our websites, each individual business will be able to see exactly how many times their business is found PLUS how many times their store is visited!  (All businesses will have open access to the statistics, not just the featured ones)

The Downtown Scottsbluff website will feature a Fine Arts District as well as Shopping, Eating and Entertainment to name just a few of the categories you'll find on this easy to use website directory.  This interactive website will also include a section called BluffTalk - aimed at becoming the Social Hub for everything 'Bluffs'.  We will have links and even some live feeds from local facebook groups and individuals, twitter feeds, blogs and lots of photos just to name a few of the exciting features that are on tap.

Follow this blog and receive updates as soon as they are published.

Watch for our new Downtown Scottsbluff website coming to a flatscreen near you!

Custom Real Estate Websites

Did you know?...  Over 80% of all home buyers begin their fact-finding using an MLS or IDX property search on a real estate website. 

Those involved in Real Estate must certainly be aware of the rapidly changing environment around them.  The  buying and selling processes have completely evolved due to the increased use of computers and handheld devices.  Those brokers and agents that are embracing and utilizing the new technology seem to be thriving and loving their jobs.  The flip side is predictably true as well... those determined to resist change seem to be grumpy and not happy with much of anything.  Could just be my observation, but there is a lot of truth to it.

We are embracing and even developing new technologies almost on a daily basis at Hale Multimedia.  1) because things change that fast and 2) it's our job to stay on top of things.

One of our most recent developments was the creation of our Real Estate Marketing Division to be spearheaded by Mr. Robert Jones of Gering.  Robert brings years of direct sales and customer service skills to the company and is a welcome addition to the family at Hale Multimedia.  His office is located in Suite 5 of 2013 Broadway in Scottsbluff.

Our Custom Real Estate Website Division focuses on assisting Real Estate Agents and Brokers with Full Custom IDX Integration.  Most Agencies subscribe to, or utilize the MLS system through IDX but are only given the generic 'smart framing' instructions.  This free, cookie cutter method offers very little customization and ends up being the norm on most real estate websites.  We agree that it's very frustrating to both buyers and sellers.  If you want true IDX Customization, then you must either learn to integrate it yourself or hire a professional website design and programming firm (preferably ours).

"To have an effective website, your property listings must be easy to find and your search easy to use."

For more information and pricing, visit

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Riverside Zoo Official Website

The Riverside Discovery Center has a new website by Hale Multimedia LLC of Scottsbluff, Nebraska.  Visit

There have been several unofficial sites over the years and even some that are on the search engines still.  However, the only official site sanctioned by the RDC is the one mentioned above.  We are working on getting the folks who put up the unofficial sites to cooperate by either removing the old outdated sites, or by turning them over to the Riverside Discovery Center.

I have personally visited zoos from all over the world.   Sure, the San Diego Zoo and Omaha's Henry Doorley Zoo are some of the best in the country, and I will never forget my trip to the Berlin Zoo in West Germany either.  However, when it comes to small towns, The Riverside Zoo is so much better than most.  The worst 'big city' zoo I have every been to was the one in Austin Texas.  The Riverside Discovery Center Zoo blows them away - and Austin is the capital of a large, populated state!

One of my favorite features of the Riverside Zoo is their new Splash Pad.  Your children will love it.  Mine like to go to the zoo just to go to the Splash Pad sometimes when it's really hot.  Check out today and click on the cool photos of the animals you will see there!

The Scottsbluff-Gering area has a lot to be thankful for.  If you have been to other zoos in the country, you will understand and appreciate The Riverside Zoo and Discovery Center!  By the way, our 17 year old daughter designed the new website under our direction at Hale Multimedia LLC.  Our website portfolio can be viewed on our website at

Thanks for visiting, both virtually and physically!

Monday, July 18, 2011

AgMarketOnline sets new records

It's been alot of fun tracking the progress of as it grows.  We started this Ag-focused online directory in 2004 and it has continued to break it's own records year after year.

This year we have seen significant monthly increases in traffic with our average visitor viewing 10 pages!

Records that were broken in May 2011 included;
  • Most Unique Visitors per Month  : 11,600    old record  :  9477
  • Most Pages Viewed per Month : 100,671    old record  :  78,150
  • Average Unique Visitors per Day : 386         old record  :  307
  • Average Pages Viewed per Day : 3355        old record  :  2520

As we have always taught, 'hits don't mean ....'   Ignore companies bragging about how many 'hits' they get.  What matters are unique visitors and pageviews.

More on this progress later.  This transcript was prepared for our online radio broadcast at  each weekday from 7-8 am daily.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Riverside Discovery Center Re-Opens (

The Riverside Discovery Center in Scottsbluff, Nebraska has reopened following the flood of 2011.  Show your support by purchasing a T-Shirt!  

The old website address of will appear live soon!  For now, visit

Website by Hale Multimedia LLC

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jody Lamp co-hosting the Horseman's Corner Radio Program

Jody Lamp of Lamp Public Relations & Marketing recently appeared as a co-host on Howard Hale's radio program for equine enthusiasts.  Her presence on The Horseman's Corner was a welcome addition. 

Jody offers her clients more than 20 years of experience as a Daily Newspaper Reporter & Photographer; PR Agency Senior Writer to Account Executive; Senior Sales Director; Local Event Representative; Freelance Writer and Photographer; and Public Speaker in the following areas:  Agribusiness, From Crops to Cosmetics, Special Event Promotion and Publicity, Travel/Tourism and Freelance Writer/Photographer.

You can listen to the program on more than 20 great radio stations in several states, or catch it online anytime.

The program changes daily Monday-Friday so listen in often!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Live online bidding

We are excited to work with Heartland Partners on their live online bidding.

We experienced the true spirit of live auctions and what it takes to tie all the newest technology into it.  We were very pleased with it all, but are already implementing some much needed improvements.

Here are a few of the newest enhancements that you can expect to see at our next auction with live online bidding;

1. Bidders will be able to register anytime, even once the auction has begun.

2. The live bidding screen will refresh every 2 seconds rather than 5.

3.  Bidders will be able to enter their proxy or max bid.

4.  Auction company will have control over what lot number is currently up.

5.  Auction companies will receive full written instructions for all areas

We will continue to improve this live online auction technology.
There is more to come, stay tuned!

Brian Hale
Hale Multimedia

Live Online Auctions

Attention Auctioneers and Auction Companies... 
Hale Multimedia can Broadcast your Auction over the internet and provide Real-Time Online Bidding too! 
 Call toll free 800 783-1103 and ask for Brian.

Friday, May 13, 2011

dominic marquez of scottsbluff gunned down

Visit for updates on the Friday the 13th murder in Scottsbluff Nebraska.

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police scanner 

Location : Sidney 4B, NE,
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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Converting to a Business Facebook Page

Don't convert your personal page (that you accidentally setup for your business) into a Business Page UNTIL you read this and use this tool!  This saves EVERYTHING.

This tool lets you download a copy of your information, including your photos and videos, posts on your Wall, all of your messages, your friend list and other content you have shared on your profile. Within this zip file you will have access to your data in a simple, browseable manner.

Read this article to learn how to convert your personal profile page into a Facebook Business Page.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Triple H Outfitting - Nebraska Hunts 2011

Triple H Outfitting offers a 5 nights 4 days guided hunting package for trophy Mule Deer and Whitetails.  This package will include all lodging and transportation to and from your designated hunting areas.  Triple H Outfitting has access to hunt 38,000 acres of privately owned land, abundant in wildlife, located between Valentine and Woodlake Nebraska. All animals are 100% wild and the hunts we provide include Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer, Grouse, Turkey, Antelope, and Coyotes.   
Triple H Outfitting has a limited number of hunters per year to ensure quality trophy deer and proper wildlife management.  Triple H Outfitting believes that every hunter wants to get their shot a truly magnificent trophy animal, and we at Triple H Outfitting will provide that on a first come first serve basis, as well as open portions of the hunting areas for handicappedaccessibility to allow all hunters a chance at a trophy animal. We have several locations to hunt, from wooded creek banks to the hillly plains to the deep canyon draws to vast meadows. 

Over the last 20 years we have hunted, and guided throughout Nebraska with our family and friends and have harvested some beautiful animals.  We at Triple H Outfitting will strive to make sure your time here is memorable.
Nebraska has many wonderful sites to be seen, great places to eat, and great conversations to be had no matter where you go.  We want our hunters to have the time of their life while away from homes and in the wild.
At Triple H Outfitting, we want to make sure you have a wonderful time and that is why we only take a limited amount of hunters each year. This allows us to have one on one guiding and devotion to your hunt.  This way, we can do our best to make sure you feel at home, relaxed, and have an enjoyable time while making some truly wonderful memories. 
With spectacular views and abundant wildlife, your hunt with Triple H Outfitting is sure to be a wonderful and memorable experience.

Let the Hunt begin!!!!
- website by Hale Multimedia LLC

Friday, April 15, 2011

Scottsbluff - Gering Area Rentals

List of available Scottsbluff - Gering area apartments, homes, mobile homes, commercial buildings FOR RENT at  This is a service of where member landlords can post their rentals at no additional charge.

Bethel Baptist Easter Breakfast

Bethel Baptist plans Easter breakfast, celebration

Bethel Baptist Church will celebrate Easter Sunday morning beginning with an all-community breakfast, Pastor Dallas Powell has announced.  

The breakfast, which is free and open to community members, will begin at 9:30 a.m. and will be followed by the church’s Easter Celebration at 10:45 a.m. 

The church is at 1812 Avenue in Scottsbluff.  Inquiries concerning the church or its Easter schedule may be made to Dallas Powell at (308) 225-3450.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Great News from Star-Herald

In Today's newspaper Star-Herald reporter Rick Willis  published an article on " Faster Internet called key to rural development. This is great news for us here at Hale Multimedia. As a majority of our clients are Agricultural businesses, Access to faster broadband internet in rural areas will increase our business value and indeed allow us to be productive with increasing sales for our clients in these areas.  Willis quotes Don Gray, a telecommunications technician/analyst with NPC, " If we can help Nebraska drive up the demand we can also drive up available services." Well Don Gray, We stand behind you on that quote. We are the only Internet Marketing Agency that cover the pan handle area of Nebraska, and it stretches even further than that. So this is great news to us! Two Thumbs up on announcing one of the greatest advancements in our community Star-Herald!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Steel Tread

Hale Multimedia LLC welcomes BB's Metal Works out of York, Nebraska to our growing portfolio of great American businesses!  Their new website should be available within the next 24 hours at or right now at

Steel Tread is the Pivot Tire solution... it's lightweight and reduces ruts.  This replaces the old flat, fat, stuck-in-the-mud tires with an affordable, maintenance-free alternative!  Website by Hale Multimedia LLC.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Minatare Wins Shootout 69-66

Head Coach Roger Russell from Minatare High School was quick to give credit to Xavier Longoria for leading the way in the win over Potter-Dix at home Saturday night.

It was a wild shootout from the get-go when Minatare stormed out with their usual first quarter intensity, thwarting of the Coyotes 22-6 after the first 8 minutes.  In the second, Potter-Dix climbed back a bit by outscoring the Indians by eight, 21-13, bringing our half-time tally to 34-27 Minatare.

Coach Russell said they have been working on maintaining that intensity for all four quarters by emphasizing team-play.  So far this year it's been a typical scenario of early Minatare dominance with big leads slipping away later on as the game progresses.  Coach Russell added that they don't play well from behind, so prolonging that early intensity is going to be their key to winning.  Their coaching philosophy of team-play was demonstrated in the second half of this one Saturday night as Minatare was able to overcome an amazing 3pt shooting performance from Potter-Dix's Ty Ottoson.  The 6'1 Junior hit 7 three-pointers of his own while the rest of the team pitched in another 7 from long range.  The Coyotes total of 14 three's accounted for 42 of their 66 total points.  Despite all that, the Indians prevailed behind 21 points and 20 rebounds from Senior Xavier Longoria, while Dakin Rummel added 20 via his hot-hand from the outside and Nick Sarnirand pumped in another 16 with his patented slashing moves to the hoop off the fast break.

Minatare moved to 9-5 on the season with the victory while the Potter-Dix Coyotes dropped to a surprising 2-10 on the year and winless in D2 District 12 play.  The Indians are 3-1 in conference play with victories over Soiux County, Potter-Dix and Leyton.  Their only loss came at the hands of the latter this past week in a 12 point decision on the road at Potter-Dix.

Earlier in the afternoon, the Minatare Girls once again showed incredible effort and enthusiasm in their loss, but the JV Boys remained undefeated by downing the Coyote JVs in the first game of the day.

Coach Russell said he is "pleased with the fan and community support he has received" for the basketball program this year.

Even though the Indians appear to be a wild, scrappy bunch, it does appear that the coaching staff at Minatare has the program moving in a very positive direction.

Monday, January 24, 2011

2011 MAC Basketball Tournament

This year's Minuteman Athletic Conference Basketball Tournament had a little bit of everything for the high school basketball fan... a stage-like setting at the Cabelas sports complex, high-speed action, close games and a record blowout, amazing comebacks, surprising upsets of both #1 seeds and 3 Overtime games!

The tourney began on Monday with the girls action.  Banner County flew past the Garden County Eagles 59-38 while the Blue Knights of South Platte quieted the Storm from Creek Valley 50-39 and record deficits were being set as Minatare fell to Leyton, 61-9.  Top seeded Potter-Dix received the customary first round bye.

The boys bracket tipped off on Tuesday with Leyton defeating Banner County 50-39, Minatare reversing South Platte 52-25 and Garden County sneaking past Potter Dix, 53-46.  The #1 Creek Valley Storm, with their tournament bye, awaited the winner of Garden County vs. Potter-Dix.

Round two of the MAC Tournament on Thursday spelled demise for both top seeded teams in the boys and girls brackets as the Banner County girls skated past #1 Potter-Dix, 55-42 and the Garden County boys surprised the #1 Creek Valley Storm, 39-37 in Overtime.  The other two semi-finals pitted the Leyton girls against South Platte with Leyton winning easily 43-25 and the surging Minatare Indian boys over Leyton, 62-53.

In that late Thursday semifinal, Minatare jumped out to an 8-0 lead before the Warriors settled down and played the Indians even the rest of the way.  The Indians never trailed by less than their initial lead until the Warriors made it interesting cutting it to 58-53 with 32 seconds to go with a flurry of last minute buckets of their own.  Minatare's Wojo hit several key free throws going 6 for 6 from the line in the fourth quarter to secure the win while Dakin Rummel shot lights-out hitting 6 three-pointers en route to his game high 28 points advancing them to the MAC Championship on Saturday.   Minatare improved to 8-3 on the season while Leyton dropped to 8-4.

In Saturday's first consolation game, the Potter-Dix Coyote girls found some redemption, earning third place in the tourney by upending the South Platte Blue Knights, 55-37.  The second game of the night was the first of our two back-to-back OT games which proved to be an exciting comeback for the Leyton boys.  The Warriors had to chisel away at an early Creek Valley lead to eventually tie it up at the end of regulation.  Then, the Warriors continued their late momuntum by blanking the Storm 8-0 in the final stanza, winning the third place finish by the score of Leyton 54  Creek Valley 46.

The second exciting overtime game immediately followed when the Banner County girls, defending their MAC title, took on the Lady Warriors of Leyton in the final matchup.  The Wildcats ran up a 27-13 halftime lead which should have put them in good shape.  However, the scorebook was showing several key BC girls already in foul trouble... and it almost made the difference.  The Lady Warriors came out on the warpath in the second half, erasing the Wildcat lead by outscoring them 30-16 to tie it up at 43-43 with 15 seconds left in regulation.  Despite the fact that Banner County never trailed and the only time the game was tied was at 0-0 and 43-43... all the momentum had shifted to the Lady Warriors. The Lady Wildcats held on to win in OT 49-45 to claim their second consecutive MAC Championship.

The Lady Wildcats are led by Coach Brittany Cooper who gave credit to how the girls stuck together with  key starters out.  Assistant Coach Ms. Covell had this to say, "The second half was nerve racking with Leyton catching up quickly with a tie of 43-43. We lost Lindsey Soule 3rd quarter and Kaylea Stoddard 4th quarter from fouling out. With Brooke Wyatt having four fouls herself, the girls were at a tough spot, but Cody Muhr and Amanda Harrison managed to keep up. With the girls going to overtime, the girls fought hard and managed to win the game. Jessica Bruce, Brooke Wyatt and Ashley Harrison scored points during overtime. It was a great game!!"

The final game of the tournament ended up being a rematch from earlier this month in Minatare when the Indians defeated the Garden County Eagles in a low scoring affair at home, 32-28.  At Minatare, the Indians found a way to claw back after being down by 7 late in the game to win by 4. This time, it was to be much different.  It was the Eagles turn to play catch up, and they did.

Minatare was on fire early as Xavier Longoria and company hit several key shots off some really pretty passing from the Indians.  Minatare took a 5 point lead into half 26-21, but it already felt as if the game was slipping away.  It didn't take the Eagles long in the third quarter to erase the Minatare lead and secure a 10 point lead of their own at 35-25. Things seemed to be spinning out of control for Minatare when their sharpshooter was whistled for a technical foul.  Minatare has scored over 70 multiple times this year, but in the second half of this one the Indians just couldn't hit any of their shots.  One thing is for sure.  When the Indians are hot, they're hot!... and when they're not, they're not. 

The Garden County Eagles, behind solid inside play and hustle in the backcourt spoiled Minatare's hopes for a 2011 MAC Championship, 44-36 Saturday night in Sidney.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Minatare vs Leyton

There's quite a shake up going on in the Minuteman Athletic Conference this year.  At least there was Thursday night as the top seeded teams on both sides of the brackets in the boys and girls all exited early, creating some new matchups for our title games on Saturday.

Banner County toppled the Potter-Dix Girls 55-42 and the #1 seed Creek Valley Boys fell to Garden County 39-37.  The Leyton Girls defeated South Platte to earn the right to face Banner County and the Minatare boys shot past the Warriors of Dalton/Gurley 62-53.  This twist of fate creates a rematch of last weeks game at Minatare where the Indians defeated the Eagles in a nail biter 42-38.

In Thursdays semi-final, Minatare jumped out to an 8-0 lead before the Warriors settled down and played the Indians even the rest of the way.  The warriors tried to make it interesting by cutting it to 58-53 with 32 seconds to go with a flurry of last minute buckets, but Wojo hit several key free throws to secure the win, going 6 for 6 from the line in the fourth quarter.  Dakin Rummel shot lights out hitting 6 three-pointers en route to his game high 28 points advancing them to the MAC Championship on Saturday.

Minatare improves to 8-3 on the season while Leyton drops to 8-4. 

Location : 2013 Broadway, Scottsbluff, NE 69361,
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Monday, January 17, 2011

Wildcats Surprise Minatare Boys

It was a tale of two quarters... and two halves.

The 3 pointers started raining early in Harrisburg saturday night as the Banner County Wildcats at 1-9 on the year played host to the 6-2 Minatare Indians.  The Wildcats took an early 7-0 advantage before Minatare's Nate Garcia hit a 3 pointer to get the Indians on the board before the Wildcats reeled off 5 more points to increase their lead to 12-3 after one quarter of play.  One quarter down, three 3 pointers in the books.

In the second quarter the Minatare boys fought back to record a 13-4 advantage of their own to take the lead for the first time at 2:30 left in the half.  Our halftime score ended up locked at 16-16. 

The second half was a lot faster as both teams scored more points in the third quarter than they did together in the whole first half.  Banner County held on to a 33-31 advantage after 3 quarters of nearly foul-free play as both teams to this point had only recorded a total of 5 fouls through 3 quarters.  A tribute to the referees, the coaches and the players.

The fourth quarter saw several ties and lead changes.  Minatare held the advantage late into the fourth quarter until just under a minute to play when Banner County took the lead 47-46.  After several missed shots and late fouls by the Indians, the Wildcats added a late free throw to get the win 48-46 over the Minatare Indians who fall to 6-3 on the year.  The Wildcats improve to 2-9 behind their seven 3 point buckets.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Miss America's Reason for Competing

 Teresa's own words (from her blog at

"Over the years, my parents have had two main reasons they supported my involvement in this organization. 

One was of course, the scholarship money. The Miss America Organization is the largest provider of scholarships for women in the world, and because I’m planning on attending law school, we’re looking at seven years of college; so scholarships are very important! The second had to do with the rules of the competition. In order to compete in the Miss America system, you must be between the ages of 17 and 24… and you cannot be married. When they saw that I had my heart set on competing as long as I could, possibly until age 24, they found that as their security that I would not get married until I was at least 25. I guess I ruined that plan by winning at 17. Oops!

As I continued my involvement in pageants however, I found my own reasons for competing. For years, I had been searching for a place where I excelled; a place where I felt I belonged or was meant to be. As a dancer, singer, pianist, guitarist, gymnast, speaker, and actress, I found that although I did well in each area, I wasn’t willing to completely dedicate myself to any one area as many others were. When I found pageantry, I realized that God had prepared me for this competition by creating me to love diversity, and here was the place I could use the talents He had given me.

During Miss Nebraska week in North Platte, I began a journal in which I recorded not only the events of each day, but also a passage of Scripture and my thoughts and prayers. At the end of the week, on June 5th, 2010, just hours before the final competition, I was reading 2 Timothy and chose chapter 2, verse 15 as particularly applicable to me. It reads: “Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth.” As I thought about that verse and how it applied to me, I wrote the following prayer:

Dear God, please help me to be a diligent servant not only today but from here on out. Give me the strength and wisdom to accurately handle your word of truth and the diligence and perseverance necessary to be a worker who is not ashamed. I wish to be a shining light for you, a glowing example of who you are, and a grain of salt in a tasteless world. Whether or not this is achieved through a position, crown, title, or job, please place me exactly where you need me to be an effective ambassador for you. I am clay in your hands, your humble servant, willing to do whatever you wish for me in your perfect plan. I love you so much and thank you for blessing me so tremendously and bestowing such outstanding opportunity on me. My greatest wish is to exemplify your love through my words and actions in order to bring others to you.

Your Loving Daughter, Teresa

That night I won the title of Miss Nebraska. From that, I know that this is exactly where God wants me to be, and He has a plan for each and every day of my life, not only this year, but every year. That was my prayer then; it has been my prayer these six months; it will be my prayer these next weeks at Miss America; and it will continue to be my prayer for the rest of my life. If I win the title of Miss America, I will know it is His will. If I do not win, and continue the next six months as Miss Nebraska, I will know it is His will. How incredibly calming it is to know that my life is in His hands!

No matter what happens, my prayer continues to be simply that I will fulfill His purpose in everything that I do. If you had not previously known my reasons and purpose behind why I do what I do, I hope you now understand what I believe my calling to be. Why am I competing in the Miss America competition over the next ten days? Because God has placed me in this position to show His love. Please pray that I might be able to accomplish this, and as always, please feel free to share your thoughts and comments as to how I might better achieve these things."

We can all learn something from this young lady.  How incredibly calming IT IS to know that our lives are in His hands. Thank you for these precious words Teresa.  From all of us in Gering, Scottsbluff and the state of Nebraska... CONGRATULATIONS and enjoy your walk with Him!

2011 Miss America - Teresa Scanlan

Gering's own Teresa Scanlan has been crowned Miss America in the 2011 Miss America Pageant in Las Vegas.

Scanlan, 17, was crowned moments ago in the final stage of the pageant at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino.
The daughter of Dr. Mark and Janie Scanlan of Gering, Scanlan was the youngest contestant in this year's Miss America Pageant. She was named Thursday night's preliminary talent winner for her piano performance of "White Water Chopped Sticks" during the third night of competition.

Scanlan will receive a $50,000 scholarship for winning the title of Miss America, in addition to a $2,000 scholarship for winning the talent competition and other prizes and benefits.

Article used by permission : The Gering Citizen

Miss Nebraska Teresa Scanlan in the Oregon Trail Days Parade in Gering, Nebraska.

 Photo by Brian Hale, Hale Multimedia LLC

Photos below are from the Scotts Bluff County Fair website by Hale Multimedia.  These pictures show Teresa in her preliminary steps to eventually achieving the Title of 2011 Miss America!  For more information on the wonderful program Teresa came up through, visit