Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Parable of Four Patriots

Once there were four patriots who lived side by side. Their names were Fred Somebody, Thomas Everybody, Pete Anybody and Joe Nobody. They were not like you and me. They were very odd people indeed and it was hard to understand them. The way they cared about their Liberty and Freedoms was a shame and Everybody knew it.

It seems that Everybody was too busy with work to be concerned about the government. Somebody was usually busy following major league and college sports. Anybody was busily involved with watching reality TV and his recreational activities and just couldn't be bothered. So, Nobody got involved.

Throughout the nation people were needed to work on the issues of Liberty and Freedom. Everybody thought that Anybody would have the time but Somebody wouldn't do it. So guess who finally did it? That's right Nobody!

There was an important meeting to attend because an unpopular [City, County, State or National] issue was on the agenda. Everybody knew it was his responsibility to attend and Anybody knew that Somebody would go but Nobody went. Somebody got angry afterwards because it was Everybody's responsibility to attend, and Everybody got angry because Anybody didn't go when the unpopular issued passed. Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody attended the meeting that Anybody could attend.

It seemed like Nobody was the only true Patriot among the four. Nobody followed the issues. Nobody emailed and wrote his Legislators, Representatives and Senators. Nobody supported the Veterans. Nobody was involved with organizations that supported God - Family - Country. Nobody got out to vote for every election. In fact, everything important to the cause of Liberty and the preservation of our Constitutional Republic - Nobody did it.

All four of these bodies belonged to the same civic-minded organization and political party. Everybody stayed home from the meetings and rallies. Anybody didn't go to the Caucasus and Conventions because he just knew that there wasn't Somebody there to be friendly and speak to just Anybody. So Nobody supported the efforts of the organization, the party and its candidates.

It really wasn't a very pleasant place to live as the Liberty and Freedom they had inherited from their Founding Fathers and ancestors deteriorated throughout their nation. I sure don't think that you would enjoy living under the evolving Socialist government. There was a time when Everybody supported the Constitution and the God given unalienable rights of man to Life, Liberty and Property. But, Somebody wanted power over We the People. Anybody could see the loss of individual Freedoms and States Rights guaranteed by our Bill of Rights which was Everybody's responsibility to protect. But, Nobody was concerned enough to be involved in Liberty's preservation and Freedom was lost.

Now it came to pass that the most important election in the history of the nation was upon them. Everybody knew they needed to be involved and to vote but Somebody thought that his involvement didn't matter and his vote didn't count. Anybody should have been involved and voted but they thought Somebody would. Somebody didn't! So who saved our Constitutional Republic? Oh! You're ahead of me - Nobody!

So now, my fellow Patriots, it is apparent what needs to be done. Let's get Everybody involved in the preservation of Liberty and our Constitutional Republic. Anybody can choose to do something in Somebody's organization so that Nobody is excluded. It is only when Everybody is involved and votes that we can with a firm reliance on the Divine Providence hope to "secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity."

"If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land." [2 Chronicles 7:14]

May God Bless and Save the United States of America
Our Constitutional Republic !

Note: The preceding adapted from the original by Rev. Willis Clark, Jr.

William J. Dell - 1 May 2012
Amore Dei, Familiae, Patriae ducit !

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