Sunday, December 23, 2012

American Gelbvieh Association goes mobile!

Hale Multimedia LLC is very pleased to announce that the American Gelbvieh Association has hired us to create, develop and release a new mobile app to be launched in January 2013.  The app will be Free and compatible with 2200+ devices including the iPhone, iPad and Android. 

"We are very excited about the new app, especially since the association also shares in the anticipation of the project.  The association's website is very good, in our opinion.  It's well thought out and easy to navigate.  The information is there and it appears to be up to date.  We have seen many association websites and we believe that Jennifer did an excellent job on this one.

We believe that we can take the positive of what is already there and make it available to anyone with a smart phone or similar device.  This expands the reach of the American Gelbvieh Association beyond anything they've had before.

We love our cattlemen and women.  We want to work directly with them to make this the most useful application in their business." - Brian Hale, Developer

The new Gelbvieh Association App will be available for download through Apple's App Store (through iTunes) and the Android market, Google Play, as well as other less-known 'app' stores, and through the association's website ( from your mobile device.

We are passionate about helping our friends who work hard to feed the world every day.

Hale Multimedia is;

Howard Hale; NAFB Farm Broadcaster of several syndicated radio programs and livestock producer
Brian Hale; U.S. Army veteran computer programmer, Farm Broadcaster, Website and App Developer
Andi Hale; Graphics Designer, Website Designer, Computer Programmer, Children's Youth Leader
Nia Hale; Senior Vice President of Research and Marketing at Hale Multimedia LLC

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