Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hale Multimedia Open for Business

Greetings everyone and thanks for reading about what's going on in the world with Hale Multimedia.   I've been doing a lot of writing lately, but it's been for a local newspaper and website here in Western Nebraska. Check it out at or for the mobile version.

Life is pretty exciting as we are getting settled into our new office environment inside the Gering Citizen Newspaper.  It's really funny how people start talking about us when they don't even know what's going on.  Every time a business moves, it seems like people want to spread rumors and lies about the situation.  We simply moved back to our hometown of Gering where the traffic down broadway goes the speed limit most of the time.  In Scottsbluff, people would FLY past our office at 21st and Broadway going 45-50 miles an hour.  You know the intersection... the last downtown stoplight going north... as soon as they hit 20th Street, it's major acceleration time.  Traffic in downtown Scottsbluff is out of control north of 20th.

We are enjoying our working relationship with Gering Citizen.  I am laying out pages, reporting on local games and other events, acting as ag editor and developing and maintaining the websites, while Andi is working in the creative design department for our advertisers.

Hale Multimedia is fully operational, however, with our new duties, we are open for Hale Multimedia business on Wednesday - Saturday by appointment.  Mondays and Tuesday are reserved for the newspaper.  We publish the Valley's biggest weekly newspaper on those two days with the paper hitting the streets Wednesday afternoon and in people's mail boxes Thursday (or whenever their mail comes).

Please let everyone you know that we have moved to 1447 10th Street in Gering and that we are as busy as ever.  In fact, Hale Multimedia enjoyed it's best year ever and we are looking forward to another fantastic year.

My next blog post will include several of the exciting new website projects that we have launched recently, so stay tuned!

~ Brian Hale

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